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Pokemon Rhodochrosite! My Fan-Made Pokemon Game!: #??? Mizrock

by JojoMaker

JojoMaker #??? Mizrock: the Yeeting Pokémon

Type: Dark/Ghost

ATK: 150
DEF: 130
SP. ATK: 300
SP. DEF: 260
SPD: 90

Base Total: 930 (Geez I’m gonna have to lower its stats in the game)

Abilities: Dark Aurora, Magician, Merciless, Power of Alchemy,
Yeet Energy
Yeet Energy: Every turn, The Yeet Energy goes up by one. When using The move Yeet Toss, How much Yeet energy it is, the multiplies. (Ex. Yeet Toss: 95 attack, Yeet Energy 8, 95 x 8 = 760, so it will do 760 damage.