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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Mission Accomplish

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel, once again, traveling alone discovers a new trainer, one that from the very beginning, he was sent to talk to...
I was walking in what seem like forever when I saw, a trainer battling another one. That trainer looked like the one Calem back in Kalos show me a picture and to talk to him. "Hey are you Brendan" I asked. "Why of course I'm, the only one" he said, sounded like a nice guy. "Calem told me countless stories about you" I said. "Oh, Calem, great guy, one of my few friends" he said. We continued talking and got to Lava Town really quick but to my surprise the gym was close. Gym Closed until Gym Leader returns. Left 30 Days ago
"This sign does look old" I said. "Yeah, I wonder if they change the gym leader, one way to find out" Brendan said leaving. "Wait for me" I said following. We walked to a house a bit far away from Lava Town but close to Mt. Chimney. There Brendan open the door and to my surprise there were all my friends and a new girl that had red haired. "Guys what's up" I said. "I found a Snivy, which is now a Servine" Gabriel said. "I caught Dwebble" Mark said. "I caught Buneary and evolve Crawdaunt" Melanie said. "I evolve Togepi to Togetic and to Togekiss" Sasha said. "Awesome, who's she" I asked. "My girlfriend" Brendan said. "WHAT!?" All five of us replied. "Yes, I'm Flannery, the Lava Town leader, you all want to challenge me, tomorrow is a decent day, for now let's rest" Flannery said. I couldn't believe my eyes. I went with Brendan outside and talk to him alone for a while. "How did it happened?" I asked. "First, you start liking her" he said. "Then you ask her out or help her out if she needs to" he kept talking. "I like someone, but is hard, she is stubborn most of the time" I said. "Flannery was stubborn at first, not wanting dates or helps, but if you know she likes you then try it out" Brendan said. "You know what, I will" I said with courage. "Go, be the best for Melanie and do her favors" he said. "How did you know?!" I asked curiously. "I see it in your eyes" he said. "Now, let's go to sleep for now" he said. "Yeah" I said heading for bed.