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Ry_Burst Requests: Mimikyu Request

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Requested by @TheSneakySnake. Here is that Mimikyu I promised ya. When I said tomorrow, I meant the next morning. But I kept getting distracted and didn't do it. So I ignored sleeping and finished this baby at about 11:00 pm, CST. I didn't go any color to try and give it a creepy appearance, due to while drawing this, I kept getting flashbacks of how Jessie's Mimikyu destroyed Pikachu. Then I realized that this Mimikyu was destroying me in the same fashion. IDK, maybe. I'm just crazy, but again, here it is!
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  1. Ry_Burst
  2. 33v33_lover
    Am i able to request a drawing of Tropius?
    Apr 11, 2017