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My OCs: Midnight

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart Ey, guess who finally finished the new reference for Midnight's redesign :D I included a smol lineless chibi so that I could add her wolf ears and tail, plus an alternative outfit, and also 3 headshot thingies to give an example of what she looks like showing certain emotions. (With wolf ears included to show how they would move and such depending on her emotion)

I'll add a bio for her here later, maybe.
  1. TooBlue12
    Looks great! I adore that for the facial expressions you have the wolf ears too. It's so cute.
    Jun 5, 2021
  2. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree

    You're welcome, any time~ ;)
    Jun 5, 2021
  3. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    Also, thank you @Willow Tree for helping me draw Middy's hand that she's holding over her chest, I literally never would have managed to get it to look right without your help XD
    Jun 5, 2021