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Requests: Mew's Playtime

by Sciencewars

Sciencewars A short story about Mew and Mewtwo, requested by @TooBlue12 ! Check out my thread in Requests to request a short story of your own!
"No. No, a thousand times no. How many times have I told you, Mew, I'm tired."
"C'mon, Two..."
Deep in Cerulean Cave, two creatures rested in the farthest chamber. The mythical Pokemon, Mew and Mewtwo. The smaller one, Mew, was floating about. Being a playful creature, it was always excited. However, Mewtwo was its only companion.

Currently, Mew wanted to play tag. However, Mewtwo was tired. Some pesky trainer with a Wartortle had somehow gotten into its cave, and Mewtwo disliked weak intruders. "Mew... Just stop. I need rest." Mewtwo moaned at the small creature.

"Two! It's been months..." Mew chirped. The cat Pokemon hovered about, causing Mewtwo to be constantly turning to keep an eye on it. "Please, Two... You need to get out of the cave." The Pokemon exclaimed, before gazing into the eyes of its companion. With those eyes, it was hard for Mewtwo to refuse any longer. "Fine... But one thing.

Could I be it first?"

Word Count: 161
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  1. TooBlue12
    Yay! Thank you! :)
    Nov 10, 2016
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