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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Mercy

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is the 13th chapter of the Melancholy of the Demon lord Sai, and before you read any of this, I ask that you read the earlier chapters for clarification! Enjoy! #summercamp15
Chapter 13- Mercy.
Mercy sighed. “Sai was there this entire time?”

“Well, he only spent a year in that castle; you’ve got to remember that.”

“We’ve spent ages of time and money, and we never bothered to check the human world.”

“I know honey; we should have done that earlier. But when you’re free, feel free to pay them a visit.”

“I can’t wait to see Sai!”

Rafael sighed. “You certainly have a lot to talk about and see for yourself."
Mercy knocked on the gates of the castle, and heard a voice, which was beyond familiar. “Go away.”

She yelled at the man, to think he had changed this much. “But my husband told me to come, and you should be there, instead of here!” She stomped her foot on the ground.

“It’s been 4 years since that man arrived here, we don’t want another fiasco.”

She couldn’t help but know, what fiasco was there? “Another fiasco?”

“So he didn’t tell you? Come in.”

“Sure thing! But don’t forget, we have a lot to catch up on.”

“Tons to catch up to, indeed.”

“So, my sire, what brings you to this castle?”

“I needed a vacation.”

“This is a very long one at that. No matter what, we would have waited all eternity for you, sir.”

He smiled. “Thanks.”

“So, I just came to say you’ve got about 3 more months.”

“3 months? Why so?”

“War will break out with the humans again, and as much as you like your vacation, we need you to return as soon as possible. I hope you understand. You can come back to this place after the war, however.”

“I’m going to destroy this place once I leave.”

“Why so?”

He smiled. “I can’t be the demon king without leaving with a bang, right?”

“That’s the Sai I know of! It’s great to be back to your old-self.”

Sara followed the dark trail, and wondered where the path went. She wasn’t scared, as her nightmares as a kid was way, way worse. Those nightmares stopped a while back, but every once in a while, they pop-up, and her father comforts her to sleep.

As for her chess matches, they’ve been going pretty well! In her spare time from challenging Cecil, who hasn’t improved at the game at all and learning about the world, she’s been reading a lot recently. As she opened the other gate of this passage, she saw that it was a secret entrance out of the castle! She was so surprised, thinking that this would go against her father’s orders, but as long as he didn’t find out, it would be all right.

Sara started to walk the somewhat familiar trail. Sara dived into her thoughts. There was nothing there, to think that my father was so over-protective, so over-protective of what?

She then saw a young man, unconscious, and almost screamed. Sara thought, should she go back? She then shook her head and approached the young man. The young man didn’t move she got closer and closer to him.

She sat down next to him and saw that he had fainted of some sort, and anxiously waited for him to wake up.

After what seemed like forever the man jolted awake and slowly looked at his surroundings. He “Thank you for saving my life!”

“I didn’t save your life.”

He smiled.“But you waited for me, that’s all that matters.”

Sara sighed, “Don’t you have family?”

“I do, they’re in town. And how about yours, princess?

Sara started to breathe heavy, and heavier by the second. She was not going to have that man bother her again. It had been 5 years; she had forgotten what the man even looked like! How in the world would he be here again? But her father wasn’t there to protect her this time, which even got her more scared than before. She stood up and started running as fast as she could.

The man slowly stood up, and started running after her. “Wait! Where are you going?” The girl showed no response, and in a flash she disappeared.

The young knight laughed. If you want to play hide and seek, I will surely find you! He then yelled,“I will meet you again, my savior.”
There were 2 knocks on the door as Sara lied down on her bed in relief as she was away from that weird stranger. “Sara, can I come in?”

“Sure thing daddy.”

He opened the door, and went to her bed to sit down near her. He looked concerned for her, as when Sara was worried, he would be worried as well. “What happened? You seem like you’re in a rush.”

Sara did a fake laugh.“A rush? Me? Where to? We have everything here, and It’s safe here, unlike outside.”

“Well, I’d like you to meet our guest.” Cecil walked into the room and gave a quick nod noting that she is outside.

Sara questioned Sai. The last time they had a guest, it was a prisoner. “Guest?”

“She’s an old friend of mine, her name’s Mercy. I’ll leave you two to talk.” Sai and Cecil left the room.

Mercy stepped into the room, and smiled at Sara, and gave a quick bow.“It’s a pleasure to meet you Sara.”

Sara bowed as well; she would now put her lady-skills to the test with this guest. “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well!”

Mercy scanned her, and noticed that she seemed very nervous. Was it perhaps because it was just the two of us? She hesitated for a moment, and then spoke.You seem a bit anxious for something, so I’ll talk to your father for now, and I’ll let you calm down. We can talk at dinner, ok?” Mercy left the room.

Sara sighed of relief. Could they see through me that easily? I want to tell father, but I just don’t know how!
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