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Mega Evolutions I Want to See In Sun/Moon

by Hisseki

Hisseki This is in no particular order, these are just some Mega Evolutions that I kinda want to see. Leave your opinions in the comments. These might be a bit in depth, so warning. There will be text. Lots of text. Keep in mind I am not a competitive player, so if some of this makes zero sense, tell me (just don't be mean.)
Not even gonna bring up Flygon or Solrock/Lunatone, because Arceus knows Game Freak better do something with them.

- Bellossom
Like, are you serious. It feels like this needs to happen. Bellossom is a literal tropical flower Pokemon, and if this doesn't get some kind of Mega Evolution, I don't even know. That being said, if Bellossom get's one, then Vileplume should/might as well. What I would want out of a Mega Bellossom design-wise would basically be more flowers. Tropical flowers, even bananas maybe. Heck, maybe a tropical cornucopia on its head. As for a type, I say either go Grass/Fairy or stick with the mono-type Grass. Stat-wise, I would probably want to see a rise in Special Defense or Special Attack. For an ability, I would love to see it either get Leaf Guard, or stick with Chlorophyll. Vileplume would probably stay a Grass/Poison type, probably become a bigger Rafflesia flower (nastiest flower on Earth), would probably gain some Defense and Sp Atk, and maybe gain the ability Poison Point. I dunno, it's a poisonous trash-smelling flower.

- Johto Starters
Are you serious, Game Freak? Kanto Starters, Hoenn Starters. I think you missed one. For Typhlosion, I would absolutely love to see it gain clouds of black smoke or something orbiting it. It would become Fire/Dark type, and get buffs in Attack, Sp Atk, and/or Speed. As for an ability, I would want something that reduces the accuracy of physical attacks, because of the smoke. I don't know if such a thing exists, but if it does (and no, it's not Hustle), then feel free to tell me. Now, Meganium. A bigger neck flower. More flower dust, like the Aroma Ladies. Grass. Fairy. There ya go. It's stat increases would probably revolve around Defense and Sp Def, and it's ability could become Effect Spore, or maybe even Flower Gift. Feraligatr... I'm gonna say this, it was my favorite. If I hadn't already chosen Typhlosion to be the Dark type, this would've been it. Rather, I am going to choose Water/Fighting. Now, for a type circle, these types may not be optimal, but I'm going to disregard it and just roll. For Feraligatr's stat boosts, they would definitely go towards Attack and/or Defense, maybe even Sp Atk. It's ability... Strong Jaw? I mean, it would be super beefy, and it's teeth might get bigger... maybe it would be better as a Water/Steel? Whatever, I'll leave that choice up to you guys (if you even read this far :/)

- Sunflora
Back at it again with the flowers. Okay, hear me out. Sunflora and Sunkern are weak. Like, terribly weak. Sunkern has the worst stats out of any Pokemon ever. Let's give the little guys a chance to shine, shall we? For typing, this Mega Sunflora would be the first ever (unless one is created before this idea is ever used) Grass/Fire. That would be great! A literal sun flower! That could be the focus for its design, too. Like, a flaming sunflower. An overall increase in stats would be very much appreciated, but maybe a minor focus of Sp Atk and Sp Def? As for an ability, this thing would be great with either Serene Grace or Solar Power.

- Cinccino
OMG. THE FLUFF ON THIS THING. Puts Flareon to shame. SHAME. And you know what? If this thing gets a Mega (probably for the sake of having a Unova Mega that isn't Audino, but whatever), it should get MORE. FLUFF. For typing, unfortunately, it would probably get the Audino treatment and go Normal/Fairy. Personally, I wouldn't mind a mono Fairy or sticking with mono Normal, but still. The stats that would increase would probably be Defense and Sp Def. For an ability, it would be kinda funny if it got the Fur Coat ability, or maybe even Friend Guard. I would also be fine if it just stuck with Cute Charm, or (if we went down the mono Fairy route) Pixilate. But still. FLUFFY.

- (Edit: 7/17/2016) Milotic
Now, this was brought up by @MasterCyndaquil , who I must thank for bringing it up in the comments! I mean, it works! It's design is like a tropical eel (or in my sister's eyes, a scaly mermaid) that practically screams "I'm tropical, give me the mega!" If that doesn't convince you, I dunno what will. Anywho, what I want out of Mega Milotic when it comes to design is something along the lines of "Majestic Sea Serpent from Heaven" or something. The reason for this being my ideal typing, which would be Water/Fairy. I've seen plenty of portrayals of a Water/Dragon, and while that is pretty sweet, I was looking at more of a peaceful tone, not "The Screaming Terror of 1000 Fire Types Fills The Air" kind of deal. Maybe give it a rainbow scale upgrade, change those red hair-like things into pink fluffier (or more sleek) hair-like things, ya know, to fairy-ify it (for lack of better terminology). An ability for this thing? The obvious choice would be Marvel Scale. I could also see it getting Multiscale (Lugia's Hidden Ability) or maybe even Hydration, Swift Swim, or Rain Dish. For stat boosts, Milotic is already pretty decent. It's defensive, but it still can dish out the pain when needed, taking out even the likes of Mega Aerodactyl and Mega Blastoise. However, status effects can bring it down even with Marvel Scale, so maybe a buff in Defense and Special Defense could do it some justice. Again, thank you @MasterCyndaquil for reminding me of this Pokemon. Kudos to you!

This list will probably be modified/extended, so leave what you want to see in the comments! (If you say Ho-oh and Lugia, while I would agree, that would be cool, I kinda want a Primal-like thing for them :p)
  1. Pika Pop Star
    Pika Pop Star
    Mega Cinccino! I agree!
    Artwork not mine.
    Aug 4, 2020
  2. Staroid
    Well, we have Tropius. This guy can't evolve, and he already looks awesome. I'm guessing Game Freak don't care about our pleas. We need mega Tropius.
    Apr 28, 2017
  3. Jhan Garc
    Jhan Garc
    I think Snorlax and Staraptor could use some Megas. Imagine if Snorlax gets all buff and active!
    Aug 7, 2016
  4. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    I think Arcanine and Luxray deserve mega evolutions, I really do. And I agree bellossom needs a mega evolution!
    Jul 21, 2016
  5. Hisseki
    @MasterCyndaquil Ya know, they better do something with Flygon. Milotic... is goin' on the list. xD Time to get to work!
    Jul 18, 2016
    Kitty Noir and MasterCyndaquil like this.
  6. MasterCyndaquil
    Gen 2 Starters Gen 2 Starters! Oh yeah also flygon and milotic
    Jul 18, 2016
    Kitty Noir and Hisseki like this.