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MEA: Mega Evolution Academy

by BlazeCharizard1249

2. Rivals and Roommates

"This place is bigger on the inside than the outside!" Megan shouted.

Indeed the school was pretty huge in the inside. A large corridor filled with glass windows and marble floors. Staircases reached in all directions. In the middle of the foyer was a rather large desk. A slender woman with long silver hair was typing on a computer. She had icy blue eyes, wore a gray pantsuit, and had the coldest expression that Megan had ever seen. Next to her a Glaceon snoozed on the desktop.

"Miss Glacy we have a new transfer student!" Liz sang.

The woman gave Liz a cold glare before replying. “Oh another one to join this madhouse of a school. Please escort her to the dormitories then. I'll send someone to give her the school packet." She gave Megan an equally cold glare before returning to her work.

Blaziken raised an eyebrow at Miss Glacy. The woman was downright mean!

"Okay then we'll be on our way." Jordan said, uncomfortably. He and Lucario pointed towards the left hallway. "That way is the girl’s dormitories and the right is the boys. See you two later!" He left without a moment's thought.

Megan nodded and grabbed her baggage. But Liz insisted that Gardevior use physic to lift them, which was fine with her. She wanted to look around anyway. The girl’s hallway was a bright pinkish color with a gold glow to them. The doors were deep mahogany; the numbers on them were in silver.

"You're going to love this school! Every room has two girls in it. So you’ll have your own roommate! The girls here are really nice too. You'll make friends in no time." Liz assured her.

"Hey Liz who's the newbie?" A girl called from one of the doorways.

She had light brown hair midback length with blue tipped ends and blue eyes. She was currently wearing a white tank top with a black light weight jacket, light blue skinny jeans, black slip on flats. Like Megan, she had her part of the mega stone around her neck.

"Hey Nikki haven't seen you since last term! How was your summer? “Liz asked.

"Pretty good. I went to the Unova region over the break. When does school start?"

"Um...I forgot." Megan shook her head. Luz was very forgetful.

"Not to worry, I have the schedule right here." It was an Absol with a piece of paper in his mouth. "It starts in two days."

"So your partner is Absol?" Megan asked.

Nikki smiled and patted Absol on the head. "Yep he and I have been together since I was little. I don't think we've been introduced. My name's Nikki." She and Megan shook hands.

"I'm Megan and Blaziken is my partner."

"Are you a tough pokemon Absol? I'd like to battle you soon." Blaziken challenged.

"Blaziken you can't battle everyone you meet!" Megan shouted.

"That's quite alright. I would love to battle you sometime this year." Absol started to say.

Blaziken cheered punching the air.

"But I'm afraid Nikki wants to battle Liz. Last time they battled I lost and it disappointed her." Absol cringed at the thought of failing his trainer again.

"You have a rival? That's new!" Megan teased. Liz and Nikki both looked at each other and laughed.

"We aren't technically rivals...” Liz began.

"More like friends who share the same passion!" Nikki finished.

"So like a rival!" Gardevior concluded.

Everybody groaned.

"It was nice to meet Nikki." Megan said, walking to her room. She and Liz parted ways so that she could get some extra training time with Gardevior. So naturally Megan found herself searching for her own room.

"There are plenty of opponents to battle here! I'm glad we came." Blaziken agreed.

"Well here we are Room 1998." Megan took out the room key. "I'm so nervous! We have to share a room with another trainer."

Blaziken put a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t be nervous, this is all in growing up! Experiencing new things, taking on the world, and having fun!” Megan rolled her eyes and opened the door. “If having fun means fighting every pokémon you meet, you’re not going to make many friends.”


“Eek what in the world? Thunder put that down! Elettra help me out! Blade you can help out too you know.”

Megan and Blaziken watched as a small Pichu ran across the room followed by a Luxray and its trainer. She had waist long brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a blue T-shirt, with a blue jacket; she also wore a black skirt with white socks and black shoes. Her Megaring was on her chest in a brooch.

“Thunder give me back that student packet! I need it for school.” She yelled, frustrated. Her Luxray finally caught him. “That’s enough; now give Alex back her packet.” She said. The small Pichu gave a huff before letting go of the packet. “Thank you very much!” The girl politely said, taking the packet.

“Um…hello are you my roommate?” Megan asked, uncertainly. The girl turned around and gave Megan a big smile.

“Oh yes! Sorry for my Pichu’s behavior, he just hatched. My name’s Alessandra Cesarini, but everybody calls me Alex. What’s your name?” She questioned. Megan was about to reply when the Pichu, Thunder, jumped in her arms. “Hello I’m Thunder and I think you look nice.”

“Well isn’t that sweet of you!” Megan cuddled Thunder in her arms. “My name’s Megan and its really nice to meet you. Your Pichu is really adorable Alex.”

Blaziken chuckled, taking Thunder out of her arms. “That’s great kid now please get off my trainer.” Megan chuckled slightly and faced Alex.

“So who’s your mega evolution partner?” Megan commented. Alex gestured towards the room. “Why don’t you come on in and meet him?”

The room had two beds with green bed sheets. On either side of the room a closet was set for each of them. A vanity stood next to a bathroom door. The walls of the room were decorated with pink and red polka dots.

“Like the room? I love the décor! I’ve already picked the right bed and you can have the left one.” Alex said. Megan thanked her and put her stuff on the left bed.

“So what brought you here to the academy?” Megan asked, putting away her clothes in a dresser. “Well I’m from the Hoenn region and I was invited here. My partner is Blade a Sceptile, he can mega evolve.” No sooner had she said this did a blur of green flash by Megan’s face.

“Megan behind you!” Blaziken charged up a Blaze Kick attack and hit the green gecko. “I knew that blur of green looked familiar. Hello Sceptile it’s been awhile.” He said.

Sceptile smirked and faced Blaziken. “So you finally decided to get your own partner. I’m surprised someone like you can get a partner after the whole “I work alone” thing you used to tell me.” Megan and Alex stared at the two as they continued to talk.

“Well you be surprised to find out that Megan and I work well together. In fact that’s why we got invited here in the first place. We did a killing at the Junior Competition in Sinnoh and won a scholarship here. So you can thank our teamwork.”

Megan started to blush while Blaziken said his speech. Alex gave him a thumbs up. “Well alrighty then now that we’re all acquainted, why don’t we explore the school for a while.”

West Corridor

“Hey Megan I see you found your roommate. How did the unpacking go?”

Megan waved at Jordan as she and Alex made their way down the West Corridor. Blaziken and Sceptile kept glaring at each other behind their partner’s backs. Lucario noticed this and chuckled.

“Really you two? Why don’t you fight it out at the Battle Arena?” He suggested.

“That’s what we were trying to find! Do you know where it is?” Alex said, looking at the school map again.

“Why don’t you two follow me? I know my way around the school and it looks to me that you’re going the right way.” Jordan pointed out. Megan and Alex nodded. “Sure Jordan just show us the way!” Megan remarked. Jordan gestured towards the end of the hallway and the two girls followed.

Oh Jordan how you help people is so amazing! I wish I had the courage to talk to you.

A tan girl with brown wavy hair with blue tips and blue eyes watched them go. She was wearing a blue and white sundress and white sandals. She hid behind one of the tall columns, spying on Jordan with a blushed face.

Then again I want to try to make friends. Maybe I should follow you and try to become friends with those other girls.

Battle Arena

“WHAT KIND OF SCHOOL IS THIS?” Megan exclaimed. She, Jordan, and Alex had entered the Battle Arena. It was a huge gym with different stations depending on different types. There were rocky mountain areas, swampy pool areas, and even a blizzardy snow simulator.

“The Battle Arena is specially designed for any situation. In the event we go on a field trip, this way you’ll be prepared.” Jordan explained.

Blaziken and Sceptile mounted on the battle stage.

“Come on Megan, let me beat Sceptile for old time’s sake.” Blaziken growled, turning up his Blaze ability.

“Alex let’s work together and fight with Blaziken.” Sceptile grumbled, charging up his Overgrowth.

The two girls faced each other on the opposite sides. They smiled, standing next to their partners.

“So this is our first battle huh? I’m looking forward to beating you Megan.” Alex taunted.

“Just you wait; I’ll show you our true power!” Megan said.

“Well then let me referee your match. This battle is between pokémon trainer Megan and pokémon trainer Alex. This will be a one-on-one battle using your mega evolution pokémon. Now begin!” Jordan shouted.



The battle between Megan and Alex has just begun! Who will win? Tune in next time on MEA!

Next time:

Megan: The school term starts today?!

Alex: And we’re going to be late!!!

James: I guess Ampharos and I need to work on defense skills.

Misaki: Her Blaziken is so fierce! We could use her on Team Magma!