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Mega Charizard X and Gardevoir (Homage to Todd McFarlane)

by The iFlare

The iFlare Little something I did with shading markers for an assignment. I was supposed to research an artist for Art Appreciation. I was originally going to do Ken Sugimori because any Japanese artist in an American Art Appreciation class is a curve ball. Unfortunately, due to a lack of information on Sugimori online from reputable sources, I was forced to switch artists. I chose to switch to one of my favorite American comic book artists, Todd McFarlane. Anyway, the assignment included that I do a homage piece to my artist, and I figured "why not get creative and do a piece that pays homage to both Todd McFarlane and Ken Sugimori?" So out came this monstrosity. Anyone who is a fan of the 1988 Batman comics or of Todd McFarlane's "Spawn" will likely recognize how this pays homage to Todd. For the uninitiated, I essentially borrowed the pose of Charizard and Gardevoir from Spawn and Wanda from the cover of Spawn #230, who borrowed it from Batman and a Red-Headed woman on the cover of Batman #423; both of which were illustrated by Todd McFarlane. So yeah... Enjoy this monstrosity of a creation! Lol.
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