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Konoha's Newest Ninjas: Meeting the Team and Sensei!

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays Zen's passed the test and has become a ninja, now all that's left is to get his team and Sensei. Who will it be though?

Forgot to mention earlier that Mirai is not Asuma and Kurenai's kid.
Zen grinned." I am a ninja oh yeah!" He fist pumped the air as he was given the headband." This was the headband you ordered if you passed. Enjoy?" Hinata smiled as she handed Zen a black scarf." So you did put it on my scarf. Thank you." He bowed as he left.
The school grounds was packed with students and parents talking to their new sensei and teammates. Many held new shiny headbands." Hey Zen did you pass? I don't see your headband." Mirai and Akira had ran over to him. They both smiled at him as their headbands caught the sun, Mirai's tied to her left leg and Akira's around his head." Yeah I passed obviously, I just haven't put it on yet." He grabbed the scarf and tied it around his neck, hiding the lower part of his face." You look like Kakashi Sensei." The trio turned around to face the voice. Hokage Naruto, Konohamaru Sensei and Hinata." You can't be serious Lord." Naruto waved a hand at Konohamaru and he shut his mouth.
Zen, Akira and Mirai looked up at the Hokage." What is it?" Zen raised an eyebrow as Naruto put his hand out." Welcome to team 1. I'll be your Sensei." Zen stepped back." Don't muck with me are you serious?"