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Pokemon High: Meeting Bryan

by King Miles

King Miles Last time on Pokemon High... Emily and Zoey met Vallery the Vulpix and she is kind of the mean girl type and what's up now let's find out
Emily was staring directly at the other eevee and started to murmur "Whhhhhoooooo....... Who is that?" Emily asked curiously to Zoey. "Oh that's Bryan, He's one of the handsomest guys in this school," Zoey replied back to Emily. Emily kept saying his name for a couple of seconds and started to actually drool. Zoey tried to get Emily to snap out of her trance but it was no use, She had then decided to hit Emily in the face to wake her up. "Ow!" Emily screamed to Zoey. "No need to thank me," Zoey said casually to Emily. "Thank You!?" Emily shouted at Zoey that surprisingly no one heard her. "Your welcome," Zoey accepting her thanks.

"So are you just going to stand there or talk to him," Zoey said to Emily. "When the times right Zoey, When the times right," Emily replied to Zoey. The two friends went on to their next class and we will find out what else awaits her adventure in high school .

To be continued...
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