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Meet the Artist! (Finally!)

by NightRaven

NightRaven Well...
Here it is!
You asked for it, and I finally did it!
I figured I'd might as well do something, so why not a "Meet the Artist" work?

This is inspired by everyone who did one.
End me before I continue.

Anyways, this is what it says because I'm sure most of you can't read my trash handwriting:

Meet the "Artist"

  • Doesn't consider self an artist.
  • Awkward.
  • How do you talk to people normally?
  • Gravity Falls nerd incoming!
  • Notorious cat artist.
  • What's a color palette?
  • What's an art style?
  • What's anatomy?
  • Can make decent work in hours. Takes months to complete requests.

Note: the questions are not literal. I'm just implying my inability to speak to someone normally, to use proper color palettes, etc
  1. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    Ha ha now I kinda wanna do this
    If you're fine with that
    But this is rad!
    Jan 29, 2018
    Mythicalis-Majora likes this.
  2. Popplio
    Cool! Now I wanna do one of these too
    Jan 22, 2018
    Mythicalis-Majora likes this.