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BFFS of Me: Me and My Friends Meet #2

by BLOO Muffin

BLOO Muffin I meet a Pikachu named Thunder and we both became friends but after I befriended a Quilladin Thunder gets jealous. Also I was with Glaceon.
Well here is another story of how I befriended Thunder. Also like this and comment :angel:
I was walking in the woods with Glaceon and I bumped into a Pikachu I got scared because Sparky looked big and tough but Thunder stopped him from using thunder shock "Hi, I am Thunder you are?" said Thunder "Spirit, I was a human before and I turned into a Pokemon because I needed to help you guys." I said. Thunder and Sparky looked at each other "Sparky I think you are a fourth wheel here we need privacy only three people." Thunder said. We huddled up and were talking about a plan to save this Pokemon that is in trouble. Thunder ran and saw a Quilladin. I started to get red "Let us through you big fatty!" I insulted. The Quilladin was in love with Glaceon and asked me if I can be his friend "Can I be your friend?" asked Quilladin "No!" I said madly I used flamethrower on him and I shook his hand "You know that is how I befriend people right and I was kidding." I said. Thunder turned red and Glaceon took out her paw and shook hands with the Quilladin "We need to find a Pokemon that is in danger." said Glaceon "If I say I am the Pokemon that is in danger they would do whatever I want." thought Quilladin. Me and Thunder were walking in the forest alone just the two of us "You can't befriend him he is fat!" complained Thunder "You are just jealous because he is nicer than you!" I said and then walked away. Thunder's ears went down and sat on the ground crying. Glaceon was waiting for both of them to come back but only on of us did me. Thunder came back with thunder in his cheeks and used thunderbolt on Quilladin. Quilladin ran away saying... "Sorry sorry! Not! You guys are psychos!!!!! :angel: Well that ends for Quilladin :D Bye!
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  1. Kimaka
    I love your story.:love:;)
    Mar 5, 2015
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