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OCs: Maxwell

by *that* gay guy

*that* gay guy
Name: maxwell
Nickname(s): Max
Gender: male
Age: 13
Species/What Are They: human
Soul (Color): green
Sexuality: hetrosexual
Atc: 14
Def: 10
Exp: 56
LV: 3
Powers/Attacks: N/A
Weapons: a shortsword
Fighting Style: highly defencive
Friends With: N/A
Neutral With: N/A
Enemies With: N/A
Family: human Mum, human dad (names unknown)
Crush(es): N/A
Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): single
Personality Towards Human: kind and helpful
Personality Towards Strangers: (same as above)
Personality Towards Friends: happy and often smiling
Strengths: Fast
Weaknesses: not very good with his sword
Flaws: has terrible defence
Likes: friend, training
Dislikes: being alone
Fears: being alone forever
Eye Color: blue
Clothes: a green tee-shirt and Red shorts
Hair: red
Skin: peech
Other: N/A
Alignment: neutral

Goals/Purpose: to have more friends
Job: none
Items: none
Funny Sans Rat likes this.