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Gijinkaverse: Mauri Spiron

by luxidoptera

5010258_XwnsbcQCG3wATxv.png 5010263_MoEaZ5UPB2qPcKx.png
luxidoptera Here's the first I'm uploading of my Gijinkaverse OCs, Mauri! Forgot to mention, this guy was originally designed by Melia on Toyhouse, so shoutouts to them!

A Marshadow and the sort-of leader of a small group of Legendary Pokemon residing on Alola. As skilled and powerful as he may be on the battlefield, he is also extremely cautious and it's very rare to see him engage a threat without gauging what he's up against first. This is despite the fact that, for his small size, he's quite the strong Pokemon- even the mighty Apollo can attest to that. He's quite compassionate as well and often stops to comfort his friends when they're feeling down for any reason- particularly Cadence, who he loves dearly.

Before a fight, he usually takes off his hoodie, showing his green hair underneath.

(Gijinkaverse is 80% legendaries lol they're more fun to write sorry)