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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Maul City, the Abandoned Place

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel said good bye to his pal, Porto and is headed on to Maul City, the next town in his list, only to find a huge surprised, or maybe two...
I finally reach Maul City, when I saw a lot of Pokémon shelters and a lot of things. I quickly head to the gym, only to find this thing again.
Gym closed by the Hoenn Regional League. Gym Transferred to Fall Town
Fall Town (Fallabor Town)? That's pretty far. I better look around this Shelter city. I saw many pokemon hurt or in the pokemon center. I couldn't keep seeing the torture of Pokémon and I decided to head to Route 111. There I found a trainer abandoning his pokemon. "Hey don't do this" I yelled to him. "I don't need such weakling pokemon" he said. "Fair enough if you want it here" he gave me it's pokeball and left. I scan the pokedex and it read
The Chimp Pokémon
Its fiery rear end is fueled by gas made in its belly. Even rain can’t extinguish the fire.

Wow, a Chimchar. "Hello there, I'm going to treat you like the best, don't you worry" I told him. Chimchar seem a lot happy now. "Return" I then headed down to Maul City only to find Gabriel in front of the gym. "Hey, I think I close" I said. "You beat here, wow that was fast" Gabriel said. "Hehe, yeah, wanna battle" I asked. "Sure, why not" Three on Three
Go Chimchar. "Wow, a new pokemon Uriel, Go Shinx" You too" I said. Chimchar Ember Shinx Spark. Chimchar and Shinx both dodge the attacks. Shinx use Spark once more. Spark defeated Chimchar. "Don't worry you'll be stronger one day, Go Cacnea use Pin Missile. Pin Missile ends Shinx. Go Bagon use Dragon Breath. Soon a light appeared an Bagon evolve into Shelgon. Shelgon KO Cacnea. "Go Meditite use Thunder Punch. Then a light appeared and it evolved into Medicham. Medicham knock out Shelgon. "Go Sandslah use Earthquake. Sandslash ended Medicham. "YES" he said. "I finally won a battle. "You sure did" I agreed "Hey let's go to the next gym town" Gabriel said. "Sure" I agreed, and we left to Verdel Town (Verdanturf Town)...