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Mareep and Flaaffy Chibi

by StarDust Reverie

Mareep and Flaaffy (Chibi Style).png
StarDust Reverie I wanted to draw Flaaffy and Mareep, so... I drew them. :<
I'm not sure if it is well done, since I don't remember at all
how are Mareep and Flaaffy's designs.
Flaaffy's hairstyle looks a bit like my current hairstyle,
because my mom cut my hair. My hair is curly, so it's like
Flaaffy's wool. Oh my pork, I look like a Pokémon. :O (?)
Speakin' of Mareep, my best friend and I are in a debate,
because I think Ness could train Mareep pretty well, because
he's Electric, cute, and his color palette looks a bit like that of
Ness' clothers. Instead, my friend thinks that Ness could train
Psyduck because he's Psychic and ugly (my friend hates Ness :'v).
His little sister said Ness could train Mareep and Psyduck, as well
as Meowth and Pichu. It's not a bad idea.
This is gettin' quite long, so... http://yukari-kaenbyou.deviantart.com/art/Mareep-and-Flaaffy-Chibi-Style-606604265 (Mareep and Flaaffy (Chibi Style))
I hope u like.