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Pokemon OCs: Mantyke OC

by limniris

Tulia (Mantyke)
Swift Swim (increases speed in rain)
2’ 10” 140.3lbs
Lvl 19
Water Pulse, Confuse Ray, Wing Attack, Headbutt
Mild (+sp atk -def), often lost in thought.

Hangs out around Undella Town, by the Marine Tube. Travels with her school of Mantine and Mantyke. She has a faint discoloration on one of her back eyespots (it's pinker than it should be), but other than that she's healthy and happy. Tulia has at least twelve siblings, likely more. Her favorite activity is to play with the Alomomola that frequent the Marine Tube.

Will I ever give Tulia a Trainer? I don't think she'd like travelling cross-continent, but maybe if she stayed with some sort of marine biologist, it could work. More likely someone who was friends with one, and knew the basics of how to take care of saltwater pokemon.
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