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Mandraghoul, Abbadimp, and Plaquarius (Fakemon Starters)

by The iFlare

Mandraghoul Abbadimp and Plaquarius.png
The iFlare A few weeks back I had an assignment in my advanced photoshop where I had to design fakemon (my teacher was trying to engage students using the hype from Pokemon Go). I had these concepts laying around so I figured "why not show them to you all?" So here they are:
- Mandraghoul, The Grass/Ghost-type taking inspiration from the fantasy monster, the mandragora (a REALLY mean carrot).
- Abbadimp, The Fire-type taking inspiration from a baby demon. It's name is a pun playing on the name of the mythical demon, Abbadon, and the word Imp.
- Plaquarius, The Platypus-based Water-type that I had no idea how to name creatively.

These are basic designs with a little bit of color splashed in crudely, really they're kinda just like little concepts. I also designed two others, a rock-type called Cinderjaw and a Normal-type called Jeffrey (yep)... Maybe I'll show those two off at some point.... maybe.
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  1. CreepyKidInDaCorner
    Plaquarius for life
    Oct 21, 2019
  2. Andrewski
    I would definitely choose Plaquarius!
    Sep 3, 2016
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