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Luffy vs Natsu

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Luffy vs Natsu
Luffy rode on his pirate ship, laughing along and dancing with his friends. He spotted a village and jumped off, giddy to see the baddies they could beat. Meanwhile, Natsu Dragneel saw the pirate ship and burned it down with a flame blast. Luffy saw this and panicked. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?” Luffy screamed. Natsu looked over at the pirate and grinned. “Just burning down this pirate ship! Don’t want any-Wait….YOU’RE FROM THAT SHIP, AREN’T YOU!!!” Natsu screamed. Luffy nodded and growled. The two anime stars faced off, then charged. Luffy began punching and kicking Luffy with his stretchy arms, then was punched in the face by an ignited flaming fist. Luffy staggered, but did an uppercut before Natsu tried boiling him with fire. Luffy began comboing his anime rival with his long, rubber arms, but his attacks were stopped by a fire blast. Luffy was grazed, but stayed strong and slammed his fists down in the shape of a hammer. Natsu tried blocking, but the fists broke through and sent Natsu flying. The Fairy Tale hero growled and fire blasted Luffy into a house. Natsu looked over at the owner of the house and apologised, but was hit in the stomach and skidded back. Natsu then used his Lightning Dragon Flame Thrower, which hit Luffy dead on. The One Piece was damaged and tired, but got back in a fighting stance and launched his feet and fists at Natsu, who grabbed both and tossed Luffy into the water. Luffy quickly jumped out, screaming. Natsu grinned, thinking of a plan. Natsu and Luffy got into a fist fight, but Natsu easily prevailed, and kicked Luffy away. Natsu jumped up and shot a fireball at his rival, and did this continuously until Luffy was laying on the ground in serious pain. Luffy tried getting up and launching his fist, but he was too weak. Natsu then finished the job with a powerful flamethrower, burning Luffy into what looks like melted rubber and a straw hat. Natsu rubbed his forehead as a sign of relief and walked away, tired.
This fight’s winner is: