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Dreaming a Performer's Dream!: Lucy and Hope!

by AbbieEeveelutions

AbbieEeveelutions I don't know what to say. ._.
~Heartdust's P.O.V.~
My bike went fast at the speed of light, as Lucy came up to me, huffing and puffing. Then she finally said,

"Hi, Heartdust! Let's have a race! Last one there is a Slowpoke!"
"Race ya!"
I raced her until we got to Lumiose City, where Professor Sycamore's laboratory is. I raced in quickly, as he was tidying up for the next trainers. Then he finished his tidying and said,

"Ah hello, Heartdust and Lucy! You can choose your starters!"
I stared at the 3 Poké Balls, looking at my choice, then I had the courage to ask Professor if I can take all 3 Pokémon. At first, he looked confused, then he did a quick nod.
"Yes! Wait, what's that shiny thing you got there, Heartdust?"
"An Eeveelution and Legendary Summoning Key."
"Interesting! There's a legend about the famous Eeveelution magic mage called AbbieEeveelutions, and she's a Jolteon! Did you get this key for your birthday? It's ultra rare! The Gold, Diamond, and Platinum Gate Keys are combined together to make this beautiful shiny key! How lucky of you! And you have a Key Stone! It's on your charm on your charm bracelet? Lucky! Wait, Lucy has it too?! It's rare for 2 trainers to have a special limited edition custom Key Stone that looks the same! I see lots of Mega Rings usually on trainers, but not Key Stones on custom Mega Accessories!"
"What a blabbermouth..."
"...I talk a lot, sorry girls!"
Anyways, I grabbed the 3 Poké Balls, as Lucy got a Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and a an Eevee I grabbed an Eevee up as well. Then Professor said,
"All of them are female, because I knew you girls were picky on genders."
He's got it right. To show that we have strong bonds with our Pokémon, me and Lucy nicknamed all our Pokémon. Chikorita's nickname was Flowers, Fennekin's nickname was Ember, Piplup's nickname was Cookie, and Eevee's nickname was Glitter. I was surprised that Glitter was a female and shiny! Lucy nicknamed her Pokémon some cute names, too! Bulbasaur's nickname was Rose, (and she was shiny too!) Squirtle's nickname was Bubbles, and Eevee's nickname was Destiny. Before we left, a girl that had pale skin, triple chocolate brown eyes with a hint of brownie brown, and long raven black waist length hair appeared. She was standing there, looking sweet and shy.
"H-hello. I-I'm Hope. I-I came here to choose a starter Pokémon. I-I'm sorry if I'm late."
"No, you're not late, there's another starter you can choose."
"R-really?! D-did you mean it?!"
"Yes, have this Pokémon that's sweet and shy just like you! It's a Swablu! And here's a Mega Ring! It's a ring bracelet! And a Altarianite!"
"T-thank you! I-I'll nickname her Marshmallow!"
Hope was sweet and shy, because she didn't get mad for no starter Pokémon, and talks really cute! But the problem was that Hope was too shy. Then I thought if me and Lucy could ask her to travel with us! Then she would get confident, and not too shy anymore! Well, she needs to be sweet and shy, but not too shy. Then I asked her,
"Hope, would you like to go on a journey with us?"

"Y-yes! I would love to!"
As we piled our hands together, we raised them in the air, and headed to Santalune City, maybe getting a cute Pokémon!
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