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Lotus Root

by Willow Tree

Willow Tree Us Sprout Gang also made npc for our little future possible roleplay, and I finally got around to make one. All of the current npcs belongs to Rice and Daikon, all I could do was make fanarts of them. TuT
I do have an old oc that u thought of adding in named Candy, but I'm too lazy to post him up and make a story and just decided to make a whole new one out of scratch. Which is more work smh.
So I made Lotus Root, who is a blind spirit that dwells in an abandoned lotus pond whilst being guide by her Koi fishes. She has many quests and you can trigger them all one by one in different ways.
My computer also crashed while I was drawing her and left a permanent white blotch of air brush onto her line art layer, so I can't erase it without ruining the line art so I kept it there pretending it's mist or smth. ;-;
She originally didn't have the head piece on her forehead underneath her lotus crown, but it looked nice when I drew it on paper so I added it last minute.
If you zoom in to look closely enough or have really good eyes, you can see somewhat of a scale patterns on her Koi fishes. :)
  1. <Inkscape>
    Nov 27, 2020 at 9:20 PM
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  2. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    Comment is a whole mood, yes, just yes.
    Nov 27, 2020 at 9:06 PM
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  3. ThAtGuY101
    Them scales tho.

    I'm assuming she talks to her koi fish. Asks them about their day. Cause they are her only friends?

    Why are food named people in danger? Are they being eaten?

    One minute your name is Potato, and the next minute its Mashed Potato?

    The crown is a nice added touch.

    *frog leaps on her hat*
    Nov 27, 2020 at 4:27 PM
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  4. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    @<Inkscape> Nooooooooo-
    Characters with food names are all in danger.
    Nov 18, 2020
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  5. <Inkscape>
    ew scales
    so boring
    why not death spikes
    also MORE FOOD
    *shoots with an elephant tranquilizer and drags off*
    Nov 18, 2020
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  6. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    @Dammy Habshfhebwjnd-
    See the scales, and you shall do great things.
    Nov 18, 2020
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  7. Dammy
    *practically smooshes my face up against the screen* oh wow scales
    Nov 18, 2020
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  8. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    Nov 14, 2020
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  9. Gamingfan
    The Koi Whisperer
    Nov 14, 2020
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