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Toradora! A different path: Lost in Thought

by J62

J62 Ryuuji is thinking about tons of stuff about the future and does a little chitchat with his best friend kitamura.( this story is alternate to the original toradora meaning taiga and ryuuji are just friends here).
(Ryuuji, a fierce looking boy with dark blue hair with a gentle nature gets woken up by his friend kitamura, a kind looking boy with a pair of glasses and with a dark shade of green hair).
Ryuuji? Ryuuji! Snap out of it!
Ryuuji: huh? Kitamura? What're you doing?
Kitamura: I'll be the one asking questions here, why are you dozing of in the middle of class?
Ryuuji: nothing, just thinking about the future.
( kitamura rubs his head)
Kitamura: You shouldn't be thinking about stuff like that in your young life, you should enjoy it while it lasts.
The two chat for a moment when their teacher makes an announcement.
Okay class, we will be having a new classmate tomorrow, please try to be nice to her because you'll be in for a surprise when you see her.
A newcomer huh? Ryuuji says lazily. I think I know who she is, I received a call from a childhood friend yesterday saying we'll be seeing each other very soon, Kitamura says cheerfully.

After Class

A nerve wreaking scream comes from behind ryuuji as he exits the room.as ryuugi turns to see the one who's calling him, he gets whacked to the head with a lunchbox.
OUCH! He screams.
What the hell are you do---
His words were cut off when he saw the sight that greeted him. The entity that he saw before him was no other than aisaka taiga, A.K.A the palmtop tiger. Taiga was a short girl with a lovely light brown hair with a few cute features, but despite her appearance she had a short temper and bad rap.
“You forgot your lunch box stupid dog".
Ahh yes, thank you taiga.
Hmph! Taiga turned and walked away.
What am.I gonna do with her?

A few days ago....

(That's it for this chapter, please leave a comment to help me improve my writing skills).