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Drawing Notebook 4: Lord Poithon

by E.K.A.N.S.

E.K.A.N.S. I used to draw a lot of characters back in 2016. They were for an idea I had about two halves of the universe fighting each other, one dominating the other with the help of a scientist who betrayed the losing one. The scientist possessed the royal family of the victorious side and established an intergalactic empire to crush the resistance left of the losers. His goal is to obtain the power of Creation and reverse the Big Bang, recreating the universe in his image. Everyone in this story has powers, and the character above is Galactic Overlord Poithon. Galactic Overlords rule galaxies within the empire's territory. Lower ranks like Planetary Overlords and Solar System Overlords rule planets and solar systems, respectively, and higher ranking individuals like the immensely powerful 12 Clusterlords rule entire galactic clusters.

Alright, if this isn't a total clusterfuck and you're still with me, I gotta say that this is old art and I haven't drawn anything in like forever. But after joining Charms and seeing everyone else's work, I'm inspired to maybe start drawing again, though I like spriting Fakémon more to be honest. The art above is from Drawing Notebook 4 because I threw away Drawing Notebooks 1-3, thinking everything in them was bad, and it was, but it's better than I can do now so I regret that.

Here's a short bio:

Name: Lord Poithon
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Height: 7'4"
Galaxy: Snakehole
Planet: Urchilune

He can shoot poison from his throat and break his body down into sludge. He controls its properties, so the sludge can be highly corrosive or thick enough to trap his enemies.