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Mid-Evil Times: Lookin' for Some Gold (Part 1)

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper Today's a free day tomorrow's a quest. Sorry I'm really tired.
(Poor villagers stare up at them dripping in sweat and tears. They walk through the crowd head for the plains for loot)
Villager Child- H... hi um could I have some food p..... please?
Kat- Hm.... Sylve?
Sylve- Sure.
Villager Child- Th.... thank you.
(The child runs to his parents happily giving them food)
Cebi- I feel so bad.
Credulo- It used to be like this for me till Sylve hired me.
(They exit the kingdom and the second they do they start feeling happier and more energetic)
Kat- Hey I found some ruby strings over here.
Credulo- Over here some gold.
(In a couple hours I'll probably make another one)