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Synchro-Evolution: Ligulf (Growlithe/Shinx Fusion)

by Mr.Munchlax

Mr.Munchlax I wanted to do a fusion based on a Liger for a while, showing both the pros & cons to this cat hybrid ;P

Dex Entry: Ligulf are normally found in captivity, with only a few of them being released into the wild. They’re considered one of the world’s most powerful pokémon due to their immense size, speed, and strength. They’re also the only known pokémon to use the move Plasma Pulse, which acts as both an Electric & Fire type attack.

However, despite their power, they are naturally calm and lethargic, harldy ever attacking unless they are provoked. In addition, Ligulf are known to catch diseases, status conditions, and other ailments more easily than other pokémon.
  1. Hayden Phillip
    Hayden Phillip
    I think they should add Pokemon fusion to gen 8 and day should be the first one
    May 27, 2019
  2. Avytar0604
    May 23, 2019
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  3. Mr.Munchlax
    May 20, 2019
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  4. Mystic Zander
    Mystic Zander
    May 20, 2019
  5. Hayden Phillip
    Hayden Phillip
    Dat looks sick
    May 19, 2019
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  6. ThePlayfulFox
    I need one!
    May 14, 2019
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  7. Jodie.xox
    You fused a cat Pokemon with a dog Pokemon! >_<
    May 10, 2019
  8. Mr.Munchlax
    P.S. Before anyone asks, I didn't use Raikou or the Incineroar line since I'm personally choosing not to use traditional starters, legendaries, or fully evolved pokémon (stage 2 evos) for any of my fusions. I'm treating these as if they're a new evolution mechanic for a pokémon game. I ended up using Growlithe since its the only other pokémon that's partly inspired by tigers.
    May 10, 2019