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Series #2 - LITSR: Life in the Sigma Region - Chapter 2

by Luminites

Luminites After Darren fights against his new rival, he continues on through Route 229 in order to reach Ravern Town. With Turtwig by his side, Darren's journey starts here in the Sigma Region.
Alright Turtwig, let's keep on moving towards Ravern Town! It shouldn't be too long before we get there.

A wild Natu appeared!
[​IMG] Lv. 4

Come on out Turtwig!
[​IMG] Lv. 7

Turtwig, use Tackle on Natu!

Natu used Peck! It was super effective!

Hang in there Turtwig! Use Tackle once more!

Natu fainted.

Great! We defeated another wild pokemon, which will help us against this upcoming gym leader. Return Turtwig!

Now, I wonder.. I need to catch my 2nd pokemon before challenging the gym, that's important. I'll keep going through I guess.

- After many encounters later -

Here's the exit! It's time to enter Ravern Town. I can see the town up ahead! Such a nice day too.

Ravern Town

Ah! It smells more like maple syrup here than out in Route 229. This aroma reminds me of the Petalburg Woods, where I used to go as a kid all day long. I gotta heal my Turtwig so, I'll head to the Pokemon Center first.


Thank you Nurse Joy! Have a nice day. So, let's see if the gym's open..
Huh? There's someone over by the entrance it looks like. Is the gym closed this early?

Darren: Excuse me, but is the gym closed?

Guard: Yes it is, the leader is out right now doing some exploring in Orbit Cave.

Darren: Okay, where is Orbit Cave?

Guard: Orbit Cave is south of this town if you're looking for him, that's all I know.

Darren: Alright then, thank you.

Guard: No problem kid.

Okay, so the leader is at Orbit Cave? Ah man! I guess I'll have to wait. I'll just stay the night here if I have to. ... I still have to question, where is my so called 'rival' to? I could of sworn I saw him earlier at the Pokemon Center.. Huh, strange.

???: Hello?

Darren: Huh?

???: Sorry for bothering you sonny.. I'm old as you can see..

Darren: Oh! No worries, what can I do for you ma'am?

Old Lady: Well, I need you're help. I lost one of me Growlithe that I own so dearly.. I was wondering if you could check Orbit Cave for em if it's okay with you.

Darren: Sure thing! I have to go there anyway.

Old Lady: Oh really? Thank you sonny, you're a kind young one..

Darren: Alright, where should I meet with you if I do find you're Growlithe?

Old Lady: Oh, just meet me by the entrance of the Pokemon Center. Me and my husband will search other spots just in case.

Darren: Okay, sounds good.

A missing pokemon? I'll find it for that old lady, not a hard task right? Well, I do have to go there to ask the leader for a gym battle so.. This will be fun!

... The guard said the cave was south of this town.. Here it is! I think this is Orbit Cave. Let's head inside..

Orbit Cave

As I entered the cave, I could see clear water up ahead, along with some other trainers. I walked for a bit, and the cave wasn't that bad. It was quiet and mysterious, as I haven't been in here before. As I walked further into the cave..

Hiker Ben would like to battle!

Hiker Ben sends out, Tyrunt.
[​IMG] Lv. 6

I choose you Turtwig!
[​IMG] Lv. 7

Turtwig! Use Tackle on Tyrunt.

... Time passes..

Tyrunt fainted.

Alright! We actually won our first battle against a trainer, not including our "rival". So after that battle, I continued on through the cave. Searching for the gym leader and the Growlithe that the old lady was looking for. Hopefully, they aren't too far in here, it's starting to get more mysterious. As I turned a corner in the cave, I heard a cry of some sort from a distance. I questioned to myself, "Could this be the Growlithe?" So then I quietly walked over to where I heard the cry and..

[​IMG] It was just this yellow, bug thing.. Uh, let me check it with my Pokedex.
Joltik - The Attaching Pokemon.

Joltik huh? He looks like a nice little bug. I won't harm it, I guess that wasn't Growlithe. So after that, I continued through and it just got more creepier. I felt like it was getting darker and darker, whenever you go deeper inside Orbit Cave. Is there even an exit to this cave? I feel like I've only been here for 10 minutes. As soon as I turned another corner, I battled with another trainer.

Hiker Taw would like to battle!
Hiker Taw sends out, Geodude.
[​IMG] Lv. 4

.. Time Passes..

Geodude fainted.

I beat his Geodude, it wasn't too hard to beat, even though I didn't have any grass type moves. So I continued on again until finally, I saw a bright light up ahead, so I followed it. And thankfully, I saw someone hanging out by the cave water. That had to be the gym leader! So I went up and asked..

Darren: Are you the gym leader of Ravern Town by any chance?

???: Yes I am, you must be a challenger?

Darren: Yeah! I was hoping I could take on the gym here at Ravern Town, but the guard said you were here exploring.

???: Oh! Sorry for being all the way in here, I came here to explore Orbit Cave for a bit, before I got tired. But sure! I accept you're challenge.

???: And oh, my name is Daniel by the way. Nice to meet you..

Darren: I'm Darren.

Daniel: Okay Darren! I'll meet you at the gym okay? I'm leaving now I suppose.

Darren: Hold on, just a quick question. Have you seen a Growlithe in this cave anywhere?

Daniel: Uh, I did see one run past here. It was running away from something, but I don't know what it was.

Darren: Okay, thank you.

Daniel: No problem! Just stay safe while you're in here, it gets very dark sometimes.

Darren: Okay.


I need to find that Growlithe! I guess the old lady was right about her Growlithe being in here. So I then went forward into the cave, where the darkness was really a problem. It was so bad, I had to hold on to the walls, the leader wasn't kidding. I then slowly walk through without tripping on any rocks in my path, and then..

I heard a faint cry from up ahead, that had to be Growlithe! So I rushed with caution up ahead to where I heard the cry. And it was Growlithe! But not in a happy mood. As I stood up looking at the Growlithe, it was hiding behind a rock with fear. It looked so scared, it almost cried I think. I slowly approached it with open arms, trying to calm it down. And you know what, the Growlithe ran to me with relief. It actually went up and licked me with relief as it started to feel safe. I closed my eyes and smiled, as the Growlithe was now safe from whatever was scaring it in the cave.

I couldn't capture it or anything since it was someone else's so, I told the Growlithe to follow me, and it did. We both went back safe and sound as the darkness got lighter and lighter as we left the dark. But now, we are almost there! We are almost out of the cave..

Time passes..

And we are out of that cave! It felt like I was in there for hours, but I'm glad I found the Growlithe easily. As I walk with the Growlithe in my arms, I remembered where the Old Lady would meet me to, which was at the Pokemon Center. So I walked there with Growlithe calmed down, and saw the Old Lady standing up worried.

Old Lady: Did you find my Growlithe sonny?

Darren: Yup.

- Old Lady sees Growlithe in Darren's arms -

Old Lady: Oh my heavens! You found my Growlithe.. Thank you young one, for such a brave task.

Darren: No problem! I had no trouble.

Old Lady: Oh, how can I repay you? Hm, I know! Come with me to my house up here, I know what I'll do..

Darren: Well, okay.

- Darren follows the Old Lady to her house -

Old Lady: Okay, let me introduce to you my husband, so he knows you're on good terms.

Old Man: Huh? You found the Growlithe? Where to?

Old Lady: No no dear, this young trainer found our little pooch in Orbit Cave, such a brave task right?

Old Man: Oh my! That's incredible! Thank you so much young man.

Darren: Heh.. It was nothing.

Old Man: Alright, he can stay if he wants, I'm just making some soup..

Old Lady: Anyway.. For saving my dear Growlithe from danger in Orbit Cave, I will give you this Growlithe on behalf of me and my husband. Don't worry, we have other Growlithes that we own, so take it as our gift to you for helping.

Darren: Uh, okay. Thank you very much for this! This little guy is adorable!

Old Lady: Here, I'll give you it's Pokeball so that you can use em.

- Darren receives Growlithe! -

[​IMG] Lv. 5

Darren: Thank you very much for this! I love it.

Old Lady: No no, thank you. Without you're help, we wouldn't of been able to get Growlithe from Orbit Cave.

Darren: Well, sorry if I can't stay but, I'm challenging the gym for my 1st badge so..

Old Lady: You go ahead sonny, you deserve a gym battle.

Darren: Okay. Goodbye, good luck!

Old Lady: You too..

And so.. Darren helped an elderly couple with finding their Growlithe in Orbit Cave, with also finding the gym leader along the way. Darren's journey is starting with a positive start, can he overcome the 1st gym with his two pokemon? Stay tuned for more of "Life in the Sigma Region".