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Life as giovannis son

by Fireflamer386

Fireflamer386 Zack a new pokemon trainer to the pokemon world wants to become the very best like no-one ever was;) but his father is giovanni and that causes a whole lot of trouble
Zack woke up his alarm *beep* *beep* *be-* zack hit his alarm and climbed out of bed and he went downstairs he said hi to his mum and goodbye today was the most important day or his life he walked to professor sycamore lab "I know who I want to pick chespin" zack opended the door "professer professer" "ah hello zack are you ready"? "I was born ready" and then there 3 pokemon popped out and there was a frockie an fenikan and a chespin "your choice
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  1. Fireflamer386
    "I chose your chespin" zack walked put of the pokemon lab with chespin on his shoulder gregor was just starting to go on route one when somebody ran passed him and pushed I'm into the sand "hey! Watch it" the boy stopped running "I'm so sorry" and ran off again
    That boy has something weird about him
    He started walking again ... whoaaaah zack fell flat on his face he looked back "oh hey a fletching I have a pokeball go chespin now tackle" it hit "yes now go pokeball" fletching went in *bowm bowm bowm ting* all right I caught a fletching
    Jun 18, 2017