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Legendary Encounter: Entei

by Cloudswift

Cloudswift Inspired by an actual encounter in HeartGold when I was younger and done for the Creative Flash Challenge.
Rose stormed through the tall grass, incredibly frustrated. Why couldn't she beat that Kimono Girl and her stupid Vaporeon?! The Trainer huffed and sat down on a ledge. Her Typhlosion, Cindy, sat next to her. A passerby looked curiously at the girl and the Fire type, only to hurry away when it blazed up and growled. Rose picked up a rock and tossed it at a tree. This awakened a Hoothoot that was quickly taken care of by Cindy. Rose smirked. "Remember when we had such a hard time fighting off these wild Pokemon?" she asked. Cindy huffed. In the trees, a branch rustled. Rose's head snapped toward the sound almost instinctively, just in time to see the Pokemon step out of the foliage. It had a golden crest above its eyes, and red fur fanned out from its face. A gray shape resembling a wrench head turned upside down reminded Rose of a moustache. The Pokemon had gray spikes jutting like crystals diagonally out of its back, with white smoke billowing out. It was mostly brown, dark with a lighter area around its belly. The paws were gray, and around its ankles were black things that made Rose think of shackles.
Rose was inside the Burned Tower. It was mid-afternoon, and the sunlight filtered through the building's damaged roof. Rattata scurried around, causing a quiet scratching to fill the air. Beside her, Cindy seemed to be enjoying itself. It was a Quilava, not fully evolved yet. Rose smiled, then coughed after inhaling some smoky-smelling dust. Cindy looked up at her for a second before they both started laughing. Suddenly, there was a sharp crack. The decaying wood that served as a floor splintered and gave way under the Trainer's feet. Rose let out a scream and squeezed her eyes shut as she waited for the fatal impact. Instead, there was a dull thump. Rose slowly opened her eyes, bewildered. She had survived? Finding that her feet could touch solid floor, she stood up. Whatever had broken her fall was already running away, leaving a trail of wispy white smoke.

Rose was jolted back into reality by a roar. Entei appeared to be trying to challenge Rose. "You...want to fight?" she asked. Entei roared again. Cindy stepped forward, but Rose shook her head. "Sorry, Cindy," she apologized. "Liam!" the Trainer tossed a Pokeball and a Lapras beamed out. "Use Sing!" Immediately, the lullaby's effects kicked in. Both Entei and Cindy fell asleep and collapsed. Rose yawned as well, but Liam sprayed her with a little bit of water to keep her awake. She pulled an Ultra Ball out of her bag and launched it at the Legendayr Pokemon. One... Two... Boom! The ball shattered. Somehow, Entei remained asleep, though. Rose grabbed another one and tried again, this time only getting one shake before the ball exploded. Entei woke up this time. It began to flee when Rose threw another Ultra Ball at it. One... Two... Three... Click! Rose jumped with excitement. She caught Entei! After she returned Liam, Rose walked over to the Ultra Ball that sat in the grass and smiled. "I'll call you Heat," she said aloud. She almost dropped the ball when it shook in her hand. Heat evidently liked its new name.