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Leads To The Same.: Leads To The Same. (Chap 2)

by DaVioletAce

DaVioletAce The second chapter of this scrabby written work. I guess i'll do summary...NOW!

Jade doesn't really think her life can't get any better or worse, but what happens when she finally has the courage to get out and about with her dream of becoming the Pokemon Champion? But at the same time, some old friends have come to town, and Jade won't like it.
Chapter 2: Courage. Is it Good Or Bad?

"There's nothing wrong with going!" Jade muttered, head first at her desk. "But what about Dan, or Mom?" she said. "I can't." She paused. "I'll never have the Courage to."Then her life lit up. She set her mind on that sentence. "I'll never have the COURAGE to." she said to herself. She sprang up. "Courage." Her eyes glittered with a kind of determined expression. "I never had the courage, huh?" she said. Her eyes twinkled in the dark, dismayed, ruined room. "My whole life i've been trying to be brave." she said. "But what if i'm already brave?" she said. She grinned. Goodbye to old life indeed.

By Saturday, she'd sent the letter. It seemed like her mother had heard her thoughts and had put her so much chores. Another thing how Jade knew was that her mother was now arguing over the most simplest things. Clothes, Paper, Old book..Name it, she argued it. It never got on Jade's nerves, though. She usually answered just fine. Her mother seemed naive over losing her these days. She shrugged. Everyday, she walked around the sidewalk near the train station, hoping to find her father back from his 'business trip'.

He'd been gone for four years, so long that Jade had forgotten everything about him except his voice. She knew he was probably dead, but a part of her believed that he was fine. So everyday, she went outside the train station. She felt a small spark as she entered the marble hall buzzing with people. She silently cursed herself for coming so late. But she had finally took the letter, and she'd stayed at her desk, crying. But now she was here. She blew her long, dark hair out of her eyes and pulled hard at a strap hanging beside her, careful to balance.

Masonso Train Station had been here for decades, even before the Pokemon War. But the station stayed tall, but in the inside, it was tumbling. Every time a train passed by, the whole station shook, which is why by 2006, they'd long white straps everywhere. She stood up, surprised at the boy offering his hand to her. He had short brown hair, lighter than hers, a green vest covering a blue shirt, and brown pants. He was handsome, and something about his striking blue eyes took something back. Then Jade remembered his old friend, Alex.

The boy who was teased endlessly because Jade failed to keep her secret. Jade took the hand, and feeling the skin, Alex recognized her too, and jumped back, like old times. Two more came up, gasping.
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