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Kurusu's capture

by SilverTheOne

My names kurusu
I like cold places where i can play in the ice, i also really like new friends.
My specie really likes the cold so we can easily be found in ice mountains and ice forests.
But lets beging whit the story:

I was peacefully skating at the ice and playing by my ownself...
when sundenly i heard someone scream: ''Go Frogadier!''
He threw a red and white ball and suddenly a frogadier exit out of it!
He said: ''use hydro pump!''
The hydro pump was strong and i flinched after the attack!
The one who screamd was actually a trainer, and after that he threw at me something like the thing the Frogadier was in.
I got stuck inside the ball.
Inside it i shaked trying to escape...
But i was only level 5, i wasnt really strong.
I heard a click and then everything inside the ball began shwoing technology.

Now where heading somewhere, what will happen to me now?