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Kirby OC: sparklight (remake)

by Sparkling Emolga

Sparkling Emolga This is a remake of my Kirby OC, Sparklight.

I changed some information about him so I will put a small new bio.

Name: Sparklight

Species: puffball (Kirby's true species is a mystery)

Abilities: spark (mainly) and spear, (there's also a few other abilities such as stuff and beam abilities).

Personality: Sparklight is playful and a bit childish, a bit aggressive and wary as well. However, he can be kind and highly curious once you know him more.
Sparklight really likes to battle and fight others, it's like everything to him.
He won't fight if the opponent is too weak or if he doesn't want to battle. when a battle starts he won't give mercy, sometimes he is taunting his foes too.
He tends to get confused pretty easily when he is not fighting.

-Sparklight can't inhale, gain other abilities and fly. However, he can run very fast and he can jump to high places.

-Sparklight can activate his horns to be a lightning rod, and lure electricity toward him. His horns also absorb electricity, turning them into energy. But absorbing too much will make him go hyperactive and out of control.

-electricity is like energy for Sparklight. The more electricity he uses in battle, the more tired he gets. When he is out of power he will immediately faint, until he would be charged up.

-his spear is completely made of electricity, holding it may shock and hurt if you aren't immune to it.
  1. Kasumi~chan
    That is SO cute!!!
    Sep 23, 2019
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