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Kirby OC drawings: Kirby OC drawings:Core

by Starry Phantump

IMG_20170505_134308.jpg IMG_20170505_134308.jpg
  1. Starry Phantump
    Starry Phantump
    Core is the only boy of the four siblings his feirce nature keeps people away from him and his sisters dispite all this he is an angel shown by his halo,his bow was a gift from his parents and this bow is like nother with it having a wide arsenal of arrows that can be created with little to no effort.Core loves his sister's and keeping them safe is what he tries to do his anger sometimes gets outta hand and ends up scaring his sisters
    May 6, 2017
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  2. Starry Phantump
    Starry Phantump
    Thank you for the like @The Argonaut this shows that my art is better then I thought and I recommend you try my Kirby OC art request forum thanks for being kind :)
    May 6, 2017