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Kazure Itezakage Vs Noirnis [Nis] Inare

by Clite of Dragonbow

Clite of Dragonbow Battle between Kazure Itezakage from Demon Slayer Rp vs Nis from Mages of the Eastern Corridor. Who is going to win? You schould take your snacks and turn on your imagination, Enjoy c:.
(Can't believe, that I am actually doing this. Not, that I don't want to... Just, I don't know, if you will like this)

Before we begin with this fight, I schould put a short descriptions of those two fighters, becouse someone may not know them. (I won't give any spoilers to RPs. So just check them! c:)

Kazure Itezakage is a young man,Whose sister was saved by Demon Slayer. Although he is a bit lazy, he had great potential and became a great Demon slayer. Strong, durable and above all fast warrior using two katanas and Thunder breathing. He is a terrifying opponent for many demons.
Noirnis Inare is a 10 years old, Half-Elf kid. He can use Shadow Fire(Or Hellflame) element, that allows him to use abilities of Darkness Element and Fire Element. Don't be fooled by his young age. Nis is very brave, ready to defend his friends. His main weakness is that if he begins to use too much of his power, he loses control over it.

I know, that those descriptions aren't the best, but I tried to keep it [No Spoiler].
Okay, Everything was prepared. Let's begin the show! Turn on some good battle OST and have fun.

"Finally, it was the last of those monsters. Okay, Captain is probably worried about me" said Nis to himself and he was going to leave the forest. It didn't take much time, as he met on his way a weird man in black outfit and he had two strange-shaped swords on his back. "Kid, this place is really dangerous! Didn't you hear about this. Demons are living in this forest. You schould better return to home" said Kazure to a kid, that he meet in forest. "Umm... Right, thanks" said Nis and he ran past the demon slayer.
"This Kid! Quite pale, pointed ears... Could he be!"
"Fifth Style, Heat Lightning!" Kazu yelled and slashed with his katana, aiming to cut off Nis head. Boy dodged in the last second "Whoa, whoa! Why are you attacking me!"
"You almost fooled me, demon. I won't let you move on!" Shouted Kazure.
"I'm not a demon! Go away!" Nis answered and fired a black fireball. However, Kazu had no problems avoiding it. "You even can use blood demon art! One more reason not to let you go away!"

Time for a FIGHT!
Kazure rushed at Nis with great speed. Boy created a small fire wall to stop his opponent. Kazure didn't want to get hurt and slowed down, Nis shot small black fireballs at his opponent. Kazu managed to dodge most of them, but he was hit by the last of them. "Ugh, You aren't so bad! First Style, Thunderclap and Flash!" Kazure dashed at Nis. Kid tried similar tactic, but his opponent was faster, than his spellcasting, in the last second Nis jumped away, but he wasn't unscratched. He had quite big wound in the chest. Kazu didn't stop "Now I will finish this! Fifth Style, Heat Lightning! First Style,Thunderclap and Flash" said Kazu and rushed at Nis again.

"I will... Return to my friends!!" Nis yelled, The tips of his hair on the left turned black. His left eye turned red. Nis gripped the katana blade with his hand in a black fire. He pushed Kazure away from himself. "I don't want to hurt you" said Noirnis.
"And I don't care! You are too dangerous and I will protect people, Sixth Style, Electric Lightning Shower"

Kazu attacked with a serie of powerful slashes at his opponent. "Hellflame, Black Demon Claws!" Nis shouted, black fire on his hands took a shape of long claws. He blocked all of Kazure attacks with great speed and managed to hit him in the chest so hard, that his opponent flew away at the tree. Nis was hit by the mysterius force.
" Are you calm now, Nis?"
"Yes, Thanks Matou... That was close, I could lose my control over here. Is he alive" Nis asked in mind.
"Yup, He is just unconscious. Let us leave, before he wake up" Matou replied.
"Right, Captain Takanawa, Mr. Logan, Mia and everyone else are probably waiting for us"

Nis left the forest and Kazure woke up. "He didn't finish me... Maybe I was wrong... Akane and rest are waiting for me" he whispered to himself and took his leave.

And The winner is, Noirnis Inare!! *Ekhm*
I know, I know. This isn't something really great, but I put a lot of work into this. I hope that you enjoyed the fight (And you really put some cool battle music in this).

Why did Nis win?
Kazure is phisically stronger and has an experience in fighting with opponent, that posses magical abilities. He is also a master swordsman and it is really hard to dodge his attacks or hit him, but Nis also isn't as most of the mages phisically weak. Maybe he isn't physically stronger than Kazu, but he will be used to fight with opponents, that has great experience and talent, also his Enormous amount of power enchanted his physical and magical strength in the end of the Battle.

One more time, I hope you enjoyed it... At least a little c:

  1. JadeStar
    Nov 22, 2019
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  2. Clite of Dragonbow
    Clite of Dragonbow
    @The Pikachan, great battle music indeed c:
    Mann, I'm so tired and I need to wake up five hours later from now :c
    Nov 22, 2019
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  3. JadeStar
    That was great! I used Katy Perry as background music <.>
    Nov 22, 2019