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Miraculous OC Stuff: Kanta Chaudhri/Asian Palm Civet

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name: Kanta Chaudhri
Gender: Male
Appearance (Normal): Kanta has light brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He wears a black jean jacket over a red short sleeved shirt, black jeans, and green sneakers. His miraculous is a belt with an oval belt buckle that is gold when not inhabited by Raat. He switches out his black jean jacket for a black hoodie when he wants to be discreet.
Hero Name: Asian Palm Civet (Or Civet, for short)
Appearance (Hero): Civet has light brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He wears a skintight suit that resembles an Asian Palm Civet in coloration. He wears a mask that has the animal’s coloration around the eyes. A faux tail resembling an Asian Palm Civet’s tail extends from above his rear and touches the ground and he wears Asian Palm Cover ears in his hair. The buckle on his belt is dark gray with five black civet paw prints as the countdown. His soles are black with pink civet paw print markings. His Lathi is attached to his back horizontally when not being used.
Weapon: Lathi
Powers/Capabilities: Use of pheromones, night vision.
Special Power: Energy Boost: Can increase the energy of himself or others.
Kwami: Raat
Kwami type/animal: Asian Palm Civet
Kwami Name Meaning: Night (Hindi)
Other info: Kanta’s father is Vineet Chaudhri, head of Chaudhri Industries, a successful research and development company.
  1. Ariados twice
    Apr 16, 2018