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Kamen Rider Sun: Kamen Rider Sun

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan The Cool Guy From The Wild?
On the Moon and in the Voyager Shadow Moon appear in front of a computer screen the watch the battle that had happened "hmm i can use this" he thought to himself before turning off the screen and walk away. On Earth Chojin was walking around Nick and JoJo Lab till he saw a small rocket "cool" Chojin call out as he ran over to the rocket and pull it out "STOP" Nick roar as he ran over to Chojin and pull the rocket from Chojin "you cant use thos yet" Nick said as he place the rocket back on its stand. In the air a asteroid enter Earth's atmosphere while a alarm went off to which Nick and Chojin ran to the control room to see the asteroid "you guys see this right" JoJo ask as he enter the room "Chojin you should go stop that" JoJo said as he pull out a Gem stone "oh and here take this" JoJo added as he gave Chojin the Gem and look at the president while she nodded. Chojin look at her before he ran to the area that the asteroid just crash at which was the park "Henshin" Chojin call out as he Transform into Kamen Rider Sun in front of the asteroid that cracked open to reveal a evil Knight. Sun then look at the Knight as he pull out a Sword and Shield "time to meet your death at my sword" Knight said as he ran toward Sun who pull out his sword and swing at the Knight who swing back breaking Sun sword amd cutting Sun in the progress "hahaha you cant break my sword its Unbreakable" Knight call out as he raise his sword high before a boy jump ouy from a tree and kick Knight in the back of his head knocking him over. "Yeah i did it" the boy said as he grab Sun Gem and pulled out a belt before placing it on his waist and open the belt revealing a hole where the Gem should be "and here we go" he said as he place the Gem in and close then belt on his waist "Henshin" the boy call out as he transform unto Kamen Rider Wild.