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Kamen Rider Sun: Kamen Rider Sun

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan Fight for the Light
Chojin look at the others "so what do you think, just a little too much" as he ask whil he turn around look at the sky but that didnt last long. The Moon then started to move Closer to the Earth before stoping and shot a asteroid that crash into the Space Station "not again" Nick call out as he and the other ran over to the rock. The asteroid then started to crack before exploding sending everyone back and in the asteroid a Shadow the got up and shot a web at JoJo pulling him to it "cral" he call out as he try to reach something in his pocket "dont worry JoJo i got up" Chojin said as he jump to the monster but then the Spider shot a web that had caught Chojin then pull him to the ground "im going to eat you raw" the spider saw to JoJo as he open his large mouth and pulled JoJo to it "Chojin catch" JoJo call out as he threw a stick to Chojin. "Whatbthe a stick" Chojin said as he look at JoJo "use your Powers to transform that stick to a weapon" JoJo cried out as he Spider at him whole "JoJo" everyone calk out as the spider shot a web at Nick before pulling Nick to him "Sword Mode" Chojin call out as the stick turn into a single sword "woah" he call out as he look at the Spider Monster and ran to him cutting the web that had hold Nick down to the ground and slash at the monster cutting off one of his legs and kicking back. Spider than got up and ran towards Chojin tryubg to hit him only for Chojin to cut 2 more legs then Spider flying into the wall "times up Spider" Chojin call out as he ran to Spider and raise his sword high but Spider laugh "hahah if you kilk me youll be killing you friend JoJo" and with those words Chojin stop. A voice then came to him "use the kick my Child" he voice said "use the kick to kill Spider and save JoJo" the voice added as Chojin took seven steps back before he drop his sword "yeah thats it drop your weapon and give up" Spider said as Chojin look at him and nodded before he use his super jump and use his Finisher " Solar Rider Kick" Chojin call out as his body caught on fire and flew straight though Spider kicking JoJo out of the monster and leaving a gaint hole in Spider "how could yo-" Spider was interrupting as he fell forward blowing into pieces before everyone. "JoJo are you ok" Chojin ask as JoJo open his eyes to see everyone and smile "thanks for saving me" JoJo said as he got up and look at the asteroid that disintegrated before their eyes "who sent that monster" Nick ask as everyone look at Chojin "it was Eclipse" Chojin said before looking