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Kalani the Popplio

by Socordiasomnia

Kalani Official.png
Socordiasomnia Some more concept doodles of another character of my Gijinka Sun Nuzlocke story! She's a Popplio named Kalani and she's an assistant to Professor Cordelia Pīkake (another character who I hope to share in the future, too). She's an energetic optimist and good at putting a smile on people's faces.

I've posted other characters from this Nuzlocke story before! You can find Hana, the protagonist of the story HERE and two of Hana's friend, Hoku and Mahina, over HERE! ♥
  1. RenzFlintrock
    Hm... I think this a really cool way of making Poplio a human... still like Hana better though. XD
    Dec 29, 2019