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The Likara region: Kaira and bug types

by Ryanthewatermelon

Mark starts walking...
Cute girl Jessica: Battle, Brawl!
Cute girl Jessica sent out kirlia!
Mark sent out Squirtle!
kirlia used hypnosis!
Squirtle doged the attack!
Squirtle used tackle!
kirlia used psywave!
Squirtle used bubble!
Kirlia fainted!
Cute girl Jessica: Win, loss!
Mark obtained 100 EXP points!
What? squirtle is evolving!
Squirtle turned into Wartortle!
Mark walked...
Mark saw the Pokémon center!
Mark healed his Pokémon!
Mark headed towards the gym.
Mark opened the door.
Kaira: Welcome.

Kaira sent out kakuna!
Mark sent out wartortle!
Wartortle used bubble!
It does not effect Kakuna...
Kakuna used harden!
Kakuna's defense rose!
Wartortle used tackle!
Kakuna used iron head!
Kaira: kakuna! You don't learn that move!
Kakuna used stun spore!
Wartortle used soak claw!
Kakuna is at 7 HP!
Kakuna turned into the water type!
Kakuna used after but before!
Wartortle became weaker!
Wartortle switched out!
Meowth switched in!
Meowth became stronger!
Meowth used crunch!
Kakuna fainted!
Kaira sent out Beedril!
Meowth used crunch!
Beedril is at half HP!
Beedril used poison sting!
Meowth is at 4 HP!
Meowth used crunch!
Beedril fainted!
Meowth is damaged by the recoil.
Meowth fainted!
Mark defeated Kaira!
Mark obtained 200 EXP points!
Kaira: Wow, beedril, kakuna, come here.
Kaira: We better train up if we wanna be the champion!
Kaira: have this TM.
Mark obtained TM260!
It contained after but before.
Kaira: And the badge.
Mark obtained the critter badge!
Kaira: best of wishes.