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Kaida's Travelling Circus: Kaida's Travelling Circus: Part One

by ollijay

ollijay Kaida, a seventeen year old circus performer, wants to escape and make a new life for herself. Will she succeed? What dangers will she face, and what friends will she make on the way?
Kaida had been working in the circus as long as she could remember. Her mother was a trapeze artist, but Kaida didn't have that kind of talent; she was much too clumsy. She had a natural aptitude for working with the circus Pokemon, however, and this had become her way to keep her bed.
The Pokemon involved with the act included a Pyroar, a Popplio, a Braixen, a Drowzee, a Drifloon, an Alakazam, and a Mr. Mime. Kaida was in charge of feeding the more dangerous Pokemon such as Pyroar and Drowzee, because they seemed to see her as more of an equal, someone who had just as much choice in being there as them.
Although, the girl had gotten sick of working in the circus. Every day the ringmaster ordered her around, as well as every other performer. Her mother ignored her and found her way into the caravan of a different man every night. She had never been there for her daughter, nor spent a penny on her wellbeing. Kaida often wondered if her mother even cared for her at all.
Enough was enough. She decided she would leave the circus. There wouldn't be a problem with that- as many of them reminded her, she was more of a nuisance than any help. The issue would lie with the next part of the plan... rescuing the Pokemon she cared for.
Her strategy had been in the making for weeks. The twin boys who worked with her, Toraburu and Torikku, were in on it. Their job was to make a distraction while Kaida unlocked all the Pokemon cages. The twins would hopefully join her later.
"Okay, guys," she announced. "You go and distract everyone- make a noise or something- and I'll set all the Pokemon free. Meet me near the Route 17 sign."
The boys nodded in unison. Toraburu pushed his long bangs out of his eyes. "What if we get caught?"
Kaida crossed her arms. "Don't," she shrugged.
Kaida waited anxiously in the tent where all the Pokemon were caged and watched out the window to see the twins' distraction.
Suddenly she heard screaming.
"The clown's caravan!"one of the twins shrieked. "It's on fire!"
Kaida paused to watch everyone come running out to look, then began to work quickly on unlocking the cages, until all seven of them were open. Respectfully and with gratitude, the Pokemon waited for Kaida's orders.
"Come on," she whispered urgently, holding the tent door open, "This way."
It was a nerve-wracking experience, trying to usher them away from the circus. After nail-biting moments in which Kaida was terrified the other performers would notice, she managed to get the Pokemon out of sight.
"Thank goodness," she breathed. She looked the Pokemon up and down, noting with sadness how thin and unhappy some of them looked. The circus really didn't treat them well, despite how she tried to care for them, and even shared her food with them sometimes.
"You guys are free to go," she told them. "Just don't let the circus catch you again!"
Pyroar padded up to her and nuzzled her hand, then turned tail to disappear into some trees. Alakazam approached and pressed something into her hand. A Twisted Spoon.
"Thank you," she laughed, feeling quite sad that the Pokemon she'd grown so attached to were leaving.
Next it was Braixen, who curtseyed and disappeared in a puff of smoke.
Kaida realised that the rest of the Pokemon weren't going anywhere.
"Drifloon?" she asked, confused, expecting it to float off to be free in the sky. Instead, it drifted over and bumped against her.
"Drowzeeee..." said the Hypnosis Pokemon. It touched her wrist and showed her a dream of Drowzee and Kaida as battle partners.
Popplio butted her ankle with its nose. "'Liooooo!" it said, blowing a bubble. She laughed a watery laugh and drew the Sea Lion Pokemon into her arms.
"Mr. Mime?" she prompted.
The Barrier Pokemon pointed towards the direction from which they'd come.
"Uh..." Kaida said, trying to figure out what it meant. "Oh!" she said. "Did you want to wait for Toraburu and Torikku?"
Mr. Mime nodded.
"Alright then," Kaida said, "Let's get to Route 17."
She felt really happy that she'd been able to free her Pokemon friends, and that some of them had chosen to stay with her. All that remained now was to wait for the twins, and hope that they'd gotten out safely...