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Kagome: Big shirt

by Kagome motto

Prime and Kagome_17(3).jpg
Kagome motto This is a character I created a while ago,.......and yes I got the hair style from Yugi-oh. But anyway here's some

Name: Kagome motto

Age: 19

Species: Demon/wolf

Gender: Female but when she sneezes she turns into a guy

Personality: She hates being around others, she studys and trains to keep her fit and strong, she's rude to everyone no matter who it is, doesn't care about other

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 7'0 ft

Weight: 225

Hair: Black and yellow

Eye color: Dark purple

Weapons: Machine gun, microphone, guitar6

Likes: Urban tea, fighting, meditation, being alone

Dislikes: Being involved in trouble, being interrupted during meditation, hates losing fights,
showing emotion except anger

Extras: She has gone blind for the time being. She changes on a full moon with appearance

Bio: As a little girl she would always smile and laugh. Everything was fine back then.....but that all changed when her Father and Kagome went out to train and Mother cooking dinner when a Dog demon attacked her home. Father and Kagome ran to the house as fast as they can...but when they got there it was to late,the demon had already devour her mother. Father tried to kill it but he ended up being devoured as well. She tried everything to save her father but lots of her right arm and left leg trying to. 20 years have passed since the incidence, she never really open up to anyone but one person. Also lost her right eye parsley. Also Kagome use dark magic which is controlled by emotions. Ever since the incident she never really showed emotion anymore thinking it was pointless. Kagome's right arm and left leg were replaced with mechanical parts. She would always train myself pushing her limits making sure no one will defeat her hoping to be strong enough to find the demon and destroy it.

Don't touch me unless you want to end up in the hospital. Never bother me
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