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Kaben and Madeleine journey: Kaben and Madeleine story 3

by Kaben and Madeleine

Kaben and Madeleine This is when they choose there starters
Chapter 3
Can you tell me said Kaben. No I want it to be a secret and I will guess that you will get the type advantage said Madeleine. I will not but please tell me said Kaben.
A door opened and the proffesor came out and said hello Kaben and Madeleine how are you too. Fine said Kaben, I'm ready to be a trainer said Madeleine. Okay now let's enter the lab for you two to decide your starters, okay said both of them.
They enter the lab and Kaben and Madeleine love the look of the lab and they saw three pokeballs and the ran for them before the proffesor said to choose there starters. Okay then it seem you both gone and decided your starters and let's see them come out
Okay said both of them, come on out ........
To be continued
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  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Kaben and Madeleine
    Sorry I haven't work on this for month but forgive me for the wait and I changed the personality of both characters
    Aug 26, 2016