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Jyo Kitty Sitting

by Firox

Jyo Kitty Sitting_finished.jpg
Firox went a bit farther and made Jyo - kitten sitting the rest of the unevolved Poke kittens
can you spot them all?
(for those that down't know - Jyo is my Espeon sona, male, playful)

• Espeon - once more, Jyo gets stuck with kitten sitting, looking out for the other younger ones
(kind of a play on the word "baby sitting")
will try to give it a "why do I get talked into kitten sitting"

• Meowth (for @Jodie.xox - on top of Jyo, putting on a flower crown, I forgot to draw its own crown (will do so in the final drawing)
• Mew - floating down from above with a small basket, more flowers for sure
• Skitty - getting her had patted by the Purrloin, with a yarnball on her maw
• Shinx - in the back tapping Jyo's back showing off a Cute Contest ribbon
• Glameow - poking up from behind Jyo, looks like it wants to play with Litten
• Purrloin - on Jyo's right, watching the smaller Skitty play tapping her head
• Litleo - lion cub just playing happily with Jyo's tail
• Espurr - well two of them, one will be shiny, near the front passing a flower to the other Espurr reaching for it
• Litten - poking out from behind Jyo, trying to have fun with Glameow
• Alolan Meowth - just doing what cats do best, taking a cat nap - on a tree branch

(should have resized Purrloin a bit smaller, seems a bit too big for 'kitten' size)

Kind of based Jyo / Espeon on the newer Persian card from Unbroken Bonds

I know not many agree, I do see Espeon as a cat
99% Abyssinian Cat - 1% fennec fox-style ears

yep I'm still so terrible at shading
  1. Firox
    @Umbreon06 - might not fit in
    its still an unsolved feline
    (its not myself, bird, or canine)
    Jun 13, 2019
  2. Umbreon06
    So... Now Litleo's a cat?
    Jun 13, 2019
    Firox likes this.