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Just a kid?: Just a kid? Chapter 2

by Firetamer123

Firetamer123 A young girl and a small group of friends are told they are too young to start their journey. They manage to get their starter pokemon's despite what they are told. Will they make it on their own? Or will they have to go back home to Littleroot with shame?
Kiera walked through route 2. Her new poochyena walking along side her. Kiera wondered if she should give her pokemon nicknames. As she thought her poochyena walked up to a small pond of water. There was something splashing around inside. The poochyena pawed at the water. Then a magikarp jumped out and flopped on the ground. Kiera pulled out her pokedex so she could know what it was. "Poochyena use tackle!" Keira said pointing to the Magikarp. Her poochyena tackled the Magikarp pushing it away from the water. The Magikarp only used splash. "Poochyena use tackle again." Kiera said. Her poochyena attacked once more. the Magikarp splashed again. Kiera threw a poke ball at the Magikarp. 1....2....3....*click* "We got another one!" Kiera cheered. Her poochyena used howl as a show of happiness for his trainer. Kiera went over and picked up the poke ball and put it in her bag. "Come on Poochyena don't want to stick around too long. Another pokemon might jump out at us." She said. Poochyena pranced after her. The two continued on their way happily. As they walked Kiera heard something. A whimpered or a cry of pain. Confused and curious The two went toward the sound. A Surskit was on the ground hurt. "Oh you poor thing." Kiera said walking over to it. The Surskit was scared and didn't know if she was friend of foe so it tried to move away. It ended up crying with pain from trying to move. Kiera pulled out a potion and gently offered it to the Surskit. The surskit stared at her and her Poochyena before hesitantly taking the potion. "What happened little Surskit?" Kiera asked. The Surskit looked at her and moved closer to her. Kiera reached to pick it up. It let her do so. "Come on I'll take you to a pokemon center." Kiera said. her poochyena looked up at the Surskit curiously. "Come on Poochyena." Kiera said. She wanted to leave this route and help the Surskit. "Poochyena can you run ahead and make sure it's safe for us?" She asked her pokemon. Her poochyena nodded and ran off ahead. Kiera followed her Poochyena's path. Her poochyena didn't find any trouble so he returned to his trainer. Kiera and her pokemon made their way into Petalburg City. Her first stop was the pokemon center. "Nurse Joy, can you help this Surskit? I found it hurt on route 2." Kiera said. Nurse Joy nodded and took the pokemon. "Sure thing. I'm glad you found her. She should be fine." Nurse Joy said. "Just give me a sec." Nurse Joy walked away to the back room to heal the pokemon. Kiera waited patiently. Her poochyena sitting by his trainer's leg. Nurse Joy returned moments later with a happy and fully healed Surskit. "She is all better now." Nurse Joy said handing Kiera back the pokemon. "Thank you Nurse Joy." Kiera said taking the Surskit back in her arms. Kiera walked back to route 2 to return the Surskit to it's home. She set it down on the ground. "There you go Surskit." Kiera said. The Surskit took a few steps forward happy to be home before turning and looking at Kiera. "What is it?" Kiera asked the pokemon. The Surskit walked back to her. "Do you want to join my team?" She asked. The Surskit nodded. Kiera smiled and held out a poke ball. "Welcome aboard then." She said. The pokemon didn't resist capture. Kiera headed back into Petalburg town. Jasmine and Matt were walking out of the pokemart. "hey guys!" Kiera called to them. Her two friends looked at her and smiled. "hey!" They called going over to her. "You ready for that battle?" Matt asked. Kiera nodded her hand in a fist. "You bet I am!" She said. Her poochyena gave a growl and nodded. The trio moved to a more open area. "Alright You two battle and then I'll battle the winner." Jasmine said. Matt and Kiera nodded. Matt released a male ralts. "Ladies first." Matt said. Kiera's Poochyena took on an offensive stance. "Alright then. Poochyena use tackle!" Kiera said. Matt smiled. "Ralts use Disarming voice!" Both pokemon attacked each other. Poochyena was hit harder since it was weaker than Matt's Ralts. "Poochyena come back! Surskits come out!" Kiera called switching out her pokemon. "Surskit use bubble beam!" She called. Her Surskit was stronger than her other pokemon. "Ralts look out!" Matt called but it was too late. His pokemon was hit making it faint from the attack. Matt took out a second poke ball and released his Mudkip. "Mudkip use water gun!" Matt shouted. "Surskit counter with quick attack!" Keira called to her pokemon. Surskit moved fast but not fast enough. It got hit by the mudkip and stumbled back. Matt's Mudkip attacked using the same move not giving Surskit enough time to move. "Surskit!" Kiera exclaimed as her pokemon was hit twice. "Surskit come back! Treecko finish the job use absorb!" Kiera shouted. Surskit retreated to it's poke ball and Treecko was released. It used absorb on Matt's Mudkip. "Mudkip use water gun!" Matt said panicked. If it hit his pokemon would faint. Treecko was hit with the water but didn't take too much damage. It wasn't that effective on him anyway. However his absorb was super effective on the mudkip. Kiera had won. "Yes!! I won!!" Kiera shouted gleefully. Matt smiled with a nod. "yes you did." He said. Jasmine laughed and let out her torchic. "it's my turn." She said. Matt walked up to Kiera. "let me heal her pokemon first that way it's a fair fight." Matt said. He healed Kiera's pokemon. He moved out of the way. "Torchic use ember!" Jasmine shouted. Her Torchic shot fire at the grass type pokemon before it. "Treecko use pound!" Treecko was hit by the fire and weakly carried out its attack. "Treecko! return!! Surskit come out!" Kiera shouted not wanting to risk Treecko getting further injured. "Surskit use bubble beam!" Torchic fainted from the attack. Jasmine let out a lilipup. "Use tackle lilipup!" Jasmine called. "Surskit use bubble beam again!" Kiera called. Both pokemon collided. Lilipup fainted and Surskit was down to about half of its strength. "Wow you're strong." Jasmine said. "Thanks!" Kiera smiled. Matt healed their pokemon. "See you guys are the first gym!" Jasmine called running off. "Meet you in Rustboro City!" Matt said before running after Jasmine.
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