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Jumping on the Nuzwaggon #2

by Pokemastermon

Pokemastermon The Emerald Wedlocke where our protagonist tries to play matchmaker
"I'll take this one!" Teri exclaimed. "Finally!" The Ziggzagoon had finally got an actual bite on Professor Birch "Now, uh go pokeball!" A green, gecko like creature materialized from the pokeball and immediately showed distaste to everyone and everything around him. "Hey uh gecko could you go over an-" Before Teri could finish her sentence the gecko had already made short work of the Ziggzagoon then walked back toward his pokeball and shut himself inside

"Y-You saved me! Now follow me to my lab and get your friend to come with you too." Prof. Birch said as if he owed his life to Teri "Well then you better not mean Brendan if you're talking about friends of min-." Teri was cut off yet again. "And by friend I mean Brendan." Prof. Birch said. Teri kicked open Brendan's house door in anger scaring everyone in it. "You must be Ter-" Brendan's mother was cut off "I don't have time to explain why I'm here just tell your son to meet me at Birch's lab." Teri would then storm back to Birch's lab.

"Teri, I think that with your Treecko being so self efficient I thought it would only be a good idea to send him with you!" Birch explained "But if he's self efficient what's the point of sending him with me?" Teri asked. "How about naming him?" As Birch said this the Treecko manually let himself out of the ball "If you name me anything stupid I will calmly consider shutting myself in that pokeball and never coming out." The treecko said "How about Blake?" Teri asked "How about no." The treecko replied "Maybe Forrester will do." Teri thought. "Of course I'd get named that." Blak- Forrester responded

"Now how's about taking the gym challenge? Would that sound okay" Birch asked Both Teri and Forrester replied at the same time both with opposite replies being Yes and No respectively. "I'll go too." Brendan said. "Are you trying to follow me or something! For the last time we're not friends!" Brendan taking the challenge riled Teri up enough to demand a battle on the spot.

"Alright then Teri, it's on! Go Nugget!" Brendan shouted "I forget what I do every 5 se- ooh what am I doing here?" Nugget asked "Get it Forrester." Teri blankly said "Look I don't need your help I can do this on my o-" Forrester would be held down by Nugget however Forrester regained the upper hand by kicking Nugget away. Then came the Death Stare or should I say the Death Leer. It's super effective! "D-Did you just defeat his pokemon by staring at it?" Teri asked clearly amazed. "What are you blind? Of course that's what I did!" Forrester replied. "I thought you'd at least attack it like a normal pokemon!" Teri shouted back. "Teri I think you deserve this." Birch said. "Is it a degree of idiocy, because she definitely deserves that." Forrester asked plainly "It's a pokedex it records info on the pokemon you catch." Birch said "And take these,they're pokeballs." Brendan said "Like we don't know that." Both Teri and Forrester said blankly.

New Pokemon: Forrester the Treecko
Captured at lv 5
Hates everything especially Teri