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CoDA Characters: Joseph "Joey" McLean

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name: Joseph “Joey” McLean
Age: 15
Year/Grade: 10 (Sophomore)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Joey has brown hair, brown eyes, and a slightly lighter skin tone than one with a pure Cherokee heritage. He wears a dark beige long sleeved shirt under a dark gray vest, jeans, and dark blue sneakers.
Personality: Usually the one to jump in front when anyone, especially his friends, are in danger. Tends to be ambitious at times. Can get defensive when someone insults him, especially about his heritage.
Powers: Alchemic Construction, the ability to use Alchemy to construct weapons and tools.
Bio: Born half white, half Cherokee, Joey quickly became defensive about his heritage at a young age. He started learning archery at the age of nine, which is part of the reason he has a preference for the bow and arrow when it comes to weapons. His powers emerged at the age of ten.
Current Guardian: (Mother, Father, both, Grandparent, Aunt May, Uncle, etc.) Amouskositte “Amos” and Lucy McLean (Father and mother)