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Joltz And The Murder Eevees: Joltz And The Murder Eevees Part 3:A Mirrored Match Of Lightning

by JoltzTheStar

JoltzTheStar Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
A Murder Eevee Is An Eeveeil Force That Will Destroy Anything In Its Path
Only One Jolteon Holds The Key
To Seal The Murder Eevees Destiny.....

Joltz Had Defeated the Murderporeons Now He Was Looking for his next challenge when... zap *a lightning bolt hit him* Joltz knew now that his next challenger would be elecric type... when a dark shady figure came over him with a collar of 17 spikes and 2 Large Ears, It Was Going To Be A Mirrored Match Of Lighting for Joltz

Jolteon Vs Jolteon, Electric Vs Electric, Thunderbolt Vs Thunderbolt
The Match Ended Up Like This

Joltz Used Thunderbolt
MirrorJoltz Used Thunderbolt
Joltz Used Pin Missile
MirrorJoltz Used Pin Missile
Both Joltz's Used Quick Attack At The Same Time
Joltz Used Discharge
MirrorJoltz Fainted

Joltz:Remember, Originals Always Win.
  1. JoltzTheStar
    Before You Ask, Yes I Actually Counted The Amount Of Spikes On A Jolteon's Colar.
    Jul 21, 2017