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Jolteon's Trick

by Curtkid

Raviels Trick Colored 2.jpeg
Curtkid Well would you look at that? I finally colored in one of my pictures! Next thing you'll know, bad role players will stop infesting the RP boards and be replaced with competent ones.

But seriously, this is my first attempt at coloring in one of my pictures through the use of digital tools. While I personally think the picture could certainly look better (shading, background, especially the background) I'm actually very proud of myself for actually doing something like this. I think it came out nice, not as good as I hoped, but nice. I only hope to get better from here on out.

A while ago I was watching a playthrough of Fallout 4 and saw the dog do one of his "tricks". So I decided to have Raviel (my Jolteon) doing that exact same pose from the game. Originally it wasn't supposed to turn into...this, but I wanted to start coloring my drawing somewhere, and this seemed simple enough^^

Thanks-you to Stellar for linking me to Kitra and the very famous Tamarinfrogs comic tutorial for helping get even this far.

http://tamarinfrog.deviantart.com/art/Making-of-RD-Comic-188548270 (Here's the link to the tutorial if anyone else wants to check it out)

Hope you all like it!