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Characters: Joey (Gumball OC)

by Bumbletime

Bumbletime This is Joey
He is obsessed with frogs and his frog hoodie

Name: Joey Stars
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Personality: Despite coming across as annoying, Joey can be very sweet. He loves everyone around him and sees the world positively. He can be rather stupid at times though, like his cousins
Backstory: He is the cousin to Gumball, being Nicole's older sister's daughter. Nicole and her sister weren't very friendly towards each other, and Nicole never really spoke of her sister. After she died, Kevin (his Dad) and Kayla (his sister) moved to Elmore and now attend Elmore Junior High with his cousins and sister.
Lucy - Mother, deceased
Kevin - Father
Kayla - Sister
Nicole - Aunt
Richard - Uncle
Gumball - Cousin
Darwin - Cousin
Anais - Cousin​
Gumball and all its characters belong to Cartoon Network
Lucy, Kevin and Kayla all belong to me ​
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  1. Nombre De Usuario
    Nombre De Usuario
    oh god... this reminds of one of my cats,... because i also bought a frog hoodie for my cat... don't judge me pls
    Aug 6, 2019
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