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Jessie's travels: Jessie's travels ch.6

by Chris the trainer150

Chris the trainer150 Prof. Rowan pays Jessie a visit
Professor Rowan had heard about Jessie's move, and figured that a pokemon might help the adjustment. Professor Rowan was currently heading to Oreburgh city to give Jessie one of the three regional startes, turtwig, the grass turtle, chimpchar the fire monkey, or piplup the water penguin. Jessie would choose one, then start his journey into the world of pokemon. Professor Rowan was now knocking on the door of the boy he was looking for, while he waited he made sure he looked presentable as possible and pulled his briefcase containing the three pokemon, into his hands and opened it just as the door opened. "Oh, hello" said the woman at the door, with a smile "you must be proffesor Rowan, Jessie's been so excited since he heard that he could finally have his own